Islamic Manners- class 19- teacher Umm Yusif

Class #19

The Manners of Supplication (cont.) (Twenty-Second chapter in the The Book of Manners by Fu’ad Ibn ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Ash-Shulhoob – publisher: Darussalam)

1. The Superiority of Supplication

2. Ways that Lead to One’s Supplications being Answered:
a. Being Dutiful to One’s Parents
b. Perform Good Deeds
c. Performing Voluntary Acts of Worship after the Obligatory Ones

3. Recommendations:
a. Face the Qiblah
b. Raise Your Hands

4. Supplicate to Allah in Secret

5. Have an Alert and Attentive Heart

6. Invoke Allah Persistently and Repeatedly

7. Ask with Determination and Resolve

8. Begin with Praising Allah and Sending of Prayers upon His Messenger

9. Mentioning Previous Good Deeds

10. Some Supplications in the Quran and Sunnah


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