New Kids Quran Recitation and Memorization Class

In the name of Allah
It’s our pleasure to announce
 a new  Kids Quran recitation and memorization advance class
 for boys is opened for registration
 Age : 8-13 only, boys under the age are not accepted
Teacher: brother Ahmad

Class time :  Every Saturday 8:30pm KSA
Anyone wish to register your boy, please kindly speak to sis Eman ( skype ID work_for_hereafter )   to add you

New Quran Tajuweed Rules Book1 Class

In the name of Allah
It’s our pleasure and honor to announce
 a new Quran tajuweed rules Karema book 1  
 is now opened for registration
Teacher:  Sister Abeda

Class time : Every Sunday at 8pm KSA
Starting: September 10, 2017
Any one wish to register please inform the coordinators via skype or by e-mail.