Recorings of 'How to raise your level in Jannah' class

In the name of Allah
Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

We would like to let you know that recordings of sister Afaf's class 'How to raise your level in Jannah' are available upon request. Send an email to or contact Skype work_for_hereafter to ask for them.
You are as well welcome to attend live classes every Sunday 11pm Egypt time.

Exam to teach Qayedah al Nooraniyyah

In the name of Allah 
Asssalamu alaykum dear sisters 

Upon request of some sisters who finished the study of Alnouraniyah we arrange a certified teacher for qayedah alnouraniyah to give exam to test your study.

Anyone who completed the study of alnouraniyah and wish to take the exam please send an email to register to

Exam timing :  Thursday ( Jan 29 , Feb 5 )  
at  10am Egypt Time (  3am EST /8am GMT / 11am Makkah time ) 

Classroom in Paltalk

In the name of Allah 
Assalamu alaykum dear sisters 

We hope you are in best health and emaan.

Most of our classes will be still in Skype as small classes. However we noticed 
sometimes we have many students that are beyond the capability of Skype.

We had made a classroom in Paltalk messenger.
We like you all to download the messager and create an account for future class use.

How to join our class room in Paltalk

Attend the class from our internet browser at
Go to    download the messenger
Create a new account for yourself ( suggest to use your skype ID )
Then go to Palktalk Menu  
Click on    

Actions --Join a Chat room - Religion & spirituality --Islam - What is your Purpose of Life

 Note: you will only find this class room when the class room is opened 

How to add me to your contact list :

Go to skype menu 
Click on  Actions --- Find or Add a Pal  ---  type    work_for_hereafter       on the box paltalk Nick name  -- Search --- click on   work_for_hereafter  ---- Add Pal 

*** Note to class students for 'How to raise your level in Jannah':
please make sure you download it. As we may move this class to paltalk.
Barak Allahu feekum

Shall you have any further inquiries do not hesitate to let us know.

Dua request

In the name of Allah
Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

1) Praise and thanks be to Allah we are blessed to announce some wonderful happy news:
Our Quran teacher : sister Rania delivered a baby boy named Ali 
Our Quran teacher : sister Umm Abdullah delivered a baby boy named Abdullah 
Our Arabic teacher : sister Emmy is pregnant with a baby expecting to deliver in July 2014
May Allah bless their babies and make them benefit to their parents and our ummah ,ameen.
2) Our teacher sister Rana's mother is still very ill and she needs your duaa 

3) One of our students : her husband does not have job for six months till now and she is expecting 4th child soon. She asked for sincere duaa please kindly include her in your duaa. May Allah make life easy for them, ameen.
May Allah bless them with all best and make things easy for them .... ameen

4) One of our sisters is now hospitalized for epileptic attack and she needs a sincere duaa urgently. May Allah heal her soon and  may Allah give more patience with faith to her and her family ,ameen.

Islamic Manners by Umm Yusif- Final Class

Class #21 and Final One

The Manners of Supplication (cont.) and Review (Twenty-Second chapter in the The Book of Manners by Fu’ad Ibn ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Ash-Shulhoob – publisher: Darussalam) 

1.    Eating from Haram wealth can be a reason for one’s dua not being answered 

2.    Times, Places and Situations that make it more likely for the dua to be answered  

3.    Summary what is needed for your Dua to be answered:
4.    Brief summary of the book:
a. Manners of Reciting Quran
b. Greetings between Muslims
c. Gatherings
d. Speech
e. Eating and Drinking
f. Adornment
g. Yawning and Sneezing
h. Interacting with your Muslim sister

Conversational Arabic- Buying and Selling- sister Islam- 12th January, 2014

Buying and selling
  تَدُلَّني   / tadullani  / recommend        Verb
"هَلْ تَسْتَطيعْ   ….
 "hal tastati'    Can you ….. ?           
In this lesson, we are going to learn a conversation that you may use when you buy from boutiques. If you want to ask someone about a good boutique, you may say,
"هَلْ تَسْتَطيعْ أَنْ تَدُلَّني عَلى مَحَلّ مَلابِس جَيِّدْ؟"
"hal tas.ta.ti' an ta.dul.lani a'la mahal jay.yid?"
"Can you recommend a good boutique to me?"
Once you are in the boutique, the seller may ask you,
"هَلْ تَحتاجينَ إلى مُساعَدَة؟"
  "hal  ila'a.dah?"
"Is someone helping you?"
In colloquial language, the seller asks you,
"بِدِكْ مُساعَدِة؟"
"Is someone helping you?"
You may answer,
"شُكرَاً, أَنا أَتَفَرّجْ فَقَطْ."
 "shuk.ran, ana ata.far.raj fakat."
"Thanks, I'm just browsing."
In colloquial language, you may say,
"شُكْرَاً, أَنا بَتْفَرَّجْ بَسْ."                           
"shuk.ran, ana bat.far.raj bas."
 "Thanks, I'm just browsing."
"I would like…"
In colloquial language, you may say,
"I would like…"
"هَلْ عِنْدَكُم...؟"
 "hal i'n.da.kom…?"
 "Do you have..?"
For example,
"هل عِندَكُم بِجامات؟"
"hal in.da.kom be.ja.mat?"
 "Do you have pajamas?"
In colloquial language, you may ask,
"في عِنْدْكُم...؟"
 "fi indkom…?"
 "Do you have…?"
"أَرِني... مِنْ فَضْلِكَ"
 " …min"
 "Please show me…"
For example,
"أَرِني بِنْطالاً مِن فَضْلِكَ "
" bin.ta.lan min "
 "Please show me a pair of trousers."
In colloquial language you may say,
" show me…"
For example,
"فَرْجيني جاكيت"
 "farjini jaket"
" show me a jacket"
"هَلْ يُمْكِنْ أَنْ تُرِيَني شَيْئاً آخَر مِنْ فَضْلِكْ؟"
 "hal yumkin an turiani shay'an akhar min fadlika?"
"Could you please show me something else?"
"هَذا يُعْجِبُني, سَآخُذُهُ"
 "ha.tha yu', sa'"
"I like this, I will take it."
"كَمْ سِعْرُهُ؟"
 "kam se'"
 "How much does this cost?"
"هَلْ مِنَ المُمْكِنْ أَنْ أُجَرّبَهُ؟"
"hal mi.nal mum.kin an"
"May I try it?"
"ما هُوَ مَقاسُكِ؟"
"ma hua"
"What is your size?"
If the piece of clothing or the pair of shoes is too narrow or too wide, you may say,
"هَذا ضَيّقْ / واسِع كَثيرَاً عَلَيّ."
 "ha.tha day.yiq/' ka.thee.ran a'lai"
 "This is too narrow/wide for me."
You may say,
"هَذا طَويلْ / قَصيرْ كَثيرَاً عَلَيّ."
 "ha.tha taw.eel / ka.seer ka.thee.ran a'lai"
 "This is too long/short for me."
You may say,
"هَذا صَغير/كَبير كَثيرَاً عَلَيّ."
 "ha.tha saghir/kabeer katheeran a'lai"
"This is too small / big for me."
If you find the piece of clothing or the pair of shoes suitable for you, you may say,
"هَذا مُناسِبْ, سَآخُذُهُ."
 "ha.tha, sa'"
"This fits, I will take it."
If the seller shows you something you do not like it, you may say,
"هَذا لَيْسَ تَماما ما أُريدْ"
 "ha.tha ma u.rid"
 "This is not exactly what I want."
If you want to buy something, you may say,
"I would like…"
For example,
"أُريدُ زَوْجْ أَحْذِيَة."
 "u.ri.du zawj ah.the.ya"
 "I would like a pair of shoes."
"قِياسُ أَحْذِيَتي..."
 " ah.the.yati…"
 "My shoe size is…"
In colloquial language you may say,
"نُمْرِة رِجْلي..."
"My shoe size is…"
For example,
"نُمْرِة رِجْلي 37"
 "numret rejli 37"
 "My shoe size is 37"
If the pair of shoes is too narrow for you, you may say,
"الحذاءُ يَضْغَطُ عَلى رِجْلَيّ"
"al.hi.thau yad.gha.tu a'la rej.lai"
 "The pair of shoes is squeezing my feet."

Islam Walid Mohammad Hejji