NEW class: Madinah book 1 for children and brothers

In the name of Allah 

Asaslamu alaykum dear sisters 

Its our pleasure and honor to be able to offer new Arabic classes for kids and adult brothers  with our new teacher : brother Abdullah 

*** New Arabic classes   ( Madina book 1 )  open for registration ***

      Madina book 1 for kids 

( Note :  boys and girls age  7 -12 ,under 7 is not allowed  )

Class time : Every Friday at 4pm Makkah time --- Starting Mar 4 2016

If you wish to register for your kids please type 888 madina book 1 kids together with  with your kids names age  to my skype ID    work_for_hereafter    to request to be added in class 

Madina book 1 for adult brothers

Class time : Every Saturday 10pm Makkah time ( 7pm UK ) – Starting Mar 5 2016

If you wish to register for this class for your family please kindly let your family ( your husband,brothers etc... ) to download skype ID , add my skype ID   work_for_hereafter speak to me on skype ,and type  type 999  Madina book 1 adult 
to my skype ID ,and request to be added in class 

Jazakumu Allahu khairan 

p.s.   Hadeeth class will start on Feb 26.2016 please kindly make time to join 

** enclosed please find Madina book 1 ,kindly download before class time ,jazakumu Allahu khairan  or you may also use this link to download yourself  

NEW CLASS: Riad us Saliheen with ijaazah in teaching it

In the name of Allah

(( New Hadeeth class open for registration ))

Its our pleasure to  inform all students , we will open a new class as following :

Hadeeth class : Riyadus Saleen  ( in Arabic and English )
Teacher : brother Omar
Class timing : Every Friday at 10 pm Makkah time

Note : we may provide ijazah for this class for those students who studied well
Behaved with good manners, have good teaching skills, have intention to teach in future, and pass the exam.

We only accept those students who can stay regular to learn ,if you know this timing is difficult for you , or you know you are not able to stay regular ,do not sign in for this class.

Any one who is ready to join class must send an email to to register with skype ID 

or type 888 Hadeeth to sister Eman ( skype ID      Work_for_hereafter )

All students are requested to download the book before class

1)       click the link :