NEW Arabic for children class

In the name of Allah 
Asssalamu alaykum dear sisters
 It is our pleasure to inform you that:
A new Children Arabic class will be lounched

Only for children aged 7- 12  ( boys and girls in one class )

( age 5 or 6 we will only  be accepted if they can read all Arabic letters well and be able to follow teacher's order well ) 

( age 12 and above girls please join adult Arabic class)
( age 12 and above boys please let us know if you wish to join this class )

Class time : Every Saturday ( starts on Nov 28 ,2015 ) 
5pm Makkah time / 2pm GMT UK /  9am EST 

Teacher: Sara Adel
How to register?

1)  give us your children's names ,age ,gander , your location 

2)  please let us know if any of your kids can not read Arabic letters 

2) skype ID of your kids or the parent