Classroom in Paltalk

In the name of Allah 
Assalamu alaykum dear sisters 

We hope you are in best health and emaan.

Most of our classes will be still in Skype as small classes. However we noticed 
sometimes we have many students that are beyond the capability of Skype.

We had made a classroom in Paltalk messenger.
We like you all to download the messager and create an account for future class use.

How to join our class room in Paltalk

Attend the class from our internet browser at
Go to    download the messenger
Create a new account for yourself ( suggest to use your skype ID )
Then go to Palktalk Menu  
Click on    

Actions --Join a Chat room - Religion & spirituality --Islam - What is your Purpose of Life

 Note: you will only find this class room when the class room is opened 

How to add me to your contact list :

Go to skype menu 
Click on  Actions --- Find or Add a Pal  ---  type    work_for_hereafter       on the box paltalk Nick name  -- Search --- click on   work_for_hereafter  ---- Add Pal 

*** Note to class students for 'How to raise your level in Jannah':
please make sure you download it. As we may move this class to paltalk.
Barak Allahu feekum

Shall you have any further inquiries do not hesitate to let us know.


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