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Tajweed Lesson 2 by teacher Abeda

In the name of Allah Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
The count is the time it takes us to say a letter with a vowel. For example: each of the
letters نَ، بِ، دُ takes one count.
Note: vowelled letters with one count take equal times non-voweled (sakin) letters.
2 counts:
If the letter is followed by one of the 3 lengthening/ madd letters ( ا، و، ي (, it takes 2 counts.
Note: 2 counts is the same time takes us to say 2 vowelled letter. For example, تا should take the
same time of تَةَ
Other cases of 2 counts:
The 1st noon of noon with saddah ( نّ(, and the 1st meem of meem with shaddah ( (
The concealed ) إخفاء ( as: ) مِه شَر ( and merged ) لهةٍ وَتة( )إدغا ( noon sakinah and tanween.
The meem sakinah before baa ) تَرمِيهِمْ تِحِجَارة) )إخفاء شفىي ( and the converted noon before baa ) )إقلاب
مسدٍ تسم or )تىاتًا تسم
Stopping with sukoon at a letter at the end of the word, and that letter is preceded by one of the 3
lengthening/madd letters which is known as: (madd due to stopping…

Conversational Arabic: Trainstation ( 26th May, 2013)

In the name of Allah
Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

جَدْوَلُ مَواعيدِ القِطَاراتْ  Train- timetable   jadwalu mawae'edel qetqrat

لَوْ سَمَحْتْ أُرِيدُ جَدْوَلَ مَوَاعِيدِ القِطَارَاتِ الَّتِي تَذْهَبُ إِلَى دُبَيّ صَبَاحَاً لَكِنْ لَيْسَ مُبَكِّرَاً.

Excuse me, I would like the train-timetable for trains to Dubai in the morning but not too early.

Law samaht uridu jadwala mawae'edel qetarel lati tadhabu ela dubai sabahan laken laysa mubkeran.

لَحْظَة مِنْ فَضْلِكْ.

One moment please.

Lahza men fadlek.

هُنَاكَ قِطَارٌ فِي السَّاعَةِ الثِّامِنَة وَ النِّصْفْ صّبَاحَاً وَيَصِلُ فِي السَّاعَةِ السَّادِسَة والنِّصْفْ مَسَاءً.

There is a train at 8.30 am and getting in at 6.30 pm.

Hunaka qetar fes sa'ateth thamena wanesf sabahan wa yaselu fes sa'ates sadesa wanesf masa'an.

وَمَاذا عَنِ القِطَارِ القَادِمْ؟

What about the next train?

wa matha 3anel qetaret tale?

القِطَارُ القَادِمُ السّاعَةَ العَاشِرَةَ والنِّصْفْ صَبَاحاً وَ يَصِلُ السَاعَةَ التَاسِعَةَ إِلَّ…

NEW CLASS: Recitation of Quran by teacher Marwa

In the name of Allah Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
We would like to invite you all to our new recitation of Quran class by our new teacher Marwa. Come to learn with us every Friday 10:00pm Egypt time.
About the teacher:
Marwa El Gindy
An Egyptian sister who currently lives in Egypt. Has a Bachelor Degree of Alsun– English Department. She memorized Quran and obtained ijaazah with a sanad related to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in narrations of : Hafs from Asim, Shubah from Asim. She is currently working to obtain an ijazah in Elqeraat El Ashr. She got certified also from Maahad El Qeraat and Maahad Alalameen in Islamic Studies .She has been teaching Quran for many years.
( Please note that teacher's Samah class switches to Tuesday)

40 Hadith Nawawi: 3rd Hadith ( 11th April, 2013 )

In the name of Allah Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Here is the explaination of 3rd hadith from the book "40 Hadith of Nawawi" taught by teacher Reda every Tuesaday 10:00pm Egypt time.
Abu 'Abdu-Rahman 'Abdullah bin 'Umar bin Al-Kbattab (may Allah be pleased wilh both of them) narrated, I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) saying, 'Islam is based on five (pillars): testifying that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger, performing prayer, giving alms, performing pilgrimage, and observing the fast (during the month) of Ramadan.'Recorded by Al-Bukhaiy and Muslim. About the Narrator: 'Abdullah bin 'Umar (may Allah be pleased with them both) was born one year before the Prophet's mission. He converted to Islam in Mecca with his father 'Umar or little before him and he was a true Muslim. As a young man, he migrated with the Immigrants. Lesson Deduced Creedal lessons: Islam is founded …

Character of the Noble Prophet (sallAllahu `alayhi wa sallam)