NEW class: Al Tibyan fi Adab Hamalat al Quran

In the name of Allah 

Asalam alikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.

​Dear sister 

its our honor and pleasure to announce a new class 

Book name : Al Tibyan fi Adab Hamalat al Quran 
writer : Imam Nawawi 

This book is very important for all Muslims to get benefit from.
because its about Qur'an which teach us how to deal with people of Qur'an? 
whats the importance of reading Quran and how a Qur'an teacher should be ?
the etiquette of a quran student and Teacher,ahkam regarding quran and many more which we really need to know as a Muslim..

pls download the book to check if you are interested to join this class 

​Class tiime :  Every Monday 9:30pm Makkah time ( starting April 6,2015 )
(  2:30pm EST / 7:30pm UK / 8:30pm Europe ) 
Teacher : sis Tahira ​

​any one wish to join class ,must send email to register with your skype ID 

barak Allahu feekum

NEW classes

In the name of Allah 

asalamu alaykum dear sister

its our pleasure to announce some changes of classes 

1)  New Quran recitation :

Every sunday ( Starting April 5 ,2015 ) 11pm Makkah time /4pm EST/ 9pm UK
with sis Um 3marah 

2)  New Arabic classes - Madina book 1 & 2 -- with sis Zahraa : 

Madina book 2 
Every Sunday ( Starting Mar 29,2015 ) 7:00pm Makkah time /12pm EST /5pm UK

​madina book 1​
​Every Sunday ( Starting Mar 29,2015 ) 7:45pm Makkah time ​

​pls send email with your skype ID to register for class 

3) Kids quran class with brother Omar change to be every Saturday 10:00pm Makkah time 

4)  New Quran recitation ​with sis Dalia 

Every Wednesday 8:00am Makkah time / 1am EST / 6:00am UK
Every Thursday  8:00am Makkah time / 1am EST / 6:00am UK

​pls send email with your skype ID to register for class 

​5) Quran recitation with sis Nagwa is back to normal ,pls kindly join us 

6)  Quran memorization class with sis marwa :
you can join it after join the quran recitation with sis Nagwa or Om Anas ​

NEW Classes

In the name of Allah of Allah 

Assalamu alaykum daer sisters 

We like to announce few class changes ,pls kindly adjust your own time table 

1)  Sis Dr. soheir this month is going to travel to UK we may stop for about one month no lessons 

2)  Sis Nagwa also will stop lesson for about 3-4 weeks because of her son in law is very ill.

3)  Hadeeth - Riyaaad asSaleeheen --- changed to every Monday at 9:30pm Makkah time 
pls join us 

4)  Quran recitation with sis Iman on Sunday changed to every 

Saturday at 10:30pm Makkah time  ( 3:30pm EST / 7:30pm UK ) ,pls join class on time 

5)  New classes open for registration :

Quran recitation :  Every Tuesday -- sis Om Anas 
timing :  10:00pm Makkah time / 3pm EST / 7pm UK time  

Qayedah alnouraniyah : Every Sunday -- sis Om Anas 
timing :  11:00pm Makkah time / 4pm EST / 8pm UK time 

Quran tajuweed rules book 1 : with sis Noha 
Timing : every Monday 5:30am Makkah time / Sunday 10:30pm EST / 

( Quran recitation with sis Noha on Monday 5:30am canceled ) 

Quran recitation class : with sis Dalia 
Timing : every Monday 12:00pm Makkah time / 5am EST / 9am UK time 

Gateway arabic book one : with sis Zahraa 
Timing : every Monday 7:45 pm Makkah time / 12:45pm EST / 4:45 pm UK time 

Gatway arabic book 2 : with sis Zahraa 
Timing : every Monday 7:oo pm Makkah time / 12:00pm EST / 4:00 pm UK time

*** any sister wish to join above classes ,pls send email to request 
pls make sure you list in details which class to register you 
and you must send your skype ID to register for this class 

barak Allahu feekum