NEW Quran recitation for children: registration OPEN

In the name of Allah 
Assalamu alaykum dear sisters 

We are adding one new Quran teacher for boys class and girls class 

Kids Quran for boys : every Saturday 11pm KSA time  with brother Omar 
+ Every Sunday 6pm KSA time with brother Aly  ( two classes )

Theee Kids Quran for girls : 
Every Saturday at 6pm KSA time with sis Eman 
Every Sunday at 6pm KSA time 
( with sis Hanan ( A1 class ) and sis Sarah ( A2 class ) --  Two classes at same time  

** to join kids quran classes  : you must send an email to register for your kids by telling us which class you like to register and sending your kids’s details

( if your kids are already joining the class, you don't need to register again, but for new classes you must send email to register ---- the classes we mark in pink color ) 

You shall also send your kids details such as :
Names, age, what surat memorized, if knows Arabic letters well, ,what surat they had memorized 

You shall register an ID for your children by using their name in Skype messenger

Example : sara_ahmad_ Mohammad
( you may also use the mother's skype ID to join class ) 

Shall you have any further inquiry please kindly feel free to let me know

Happy News

In the name of Allah 

assaalaaamu alaykum dear sister 

Praise and thanks be to Allah ,we had passed another a peaceful happy Ramadan 
​we ask Allah to accept all your good deeds ,ameen 

we have few happy news to announce 

1)  our teacher sis Rana delivered a baby girl , she sent salaam to all sisters 
and hopefully after she settle , she will try to get back to class soon 

2)  our teacher sis afaf already moved to new house and back to class 
but she is only giving lesson on Monday for quran recitation 
she will add soon later more lesson to continue when she has better stable net 
please make time to join class 

3) our sister fatima from the UK delivered a cute baby girl during ramadan 
she sent her salam to all teachers and sisters 

4) sis soheir is sending every one her salaam, she plan to start lesson after end of August in sha Allah ,please ask Allah to make it all easy for us ,ameen

most of our classes had returned to normal as before Ramadan 
plsease kindly make time to keep yourself regular to class 
may Allah bless and reward all our teachers ​,ameen 

barak Allahu feekum

REMINDER: Registration to Arabic classes is still OPEN

In the name of Allah
Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

We would like to remind you that we have just started our Arabic classes for Madinah books 1, 2 and Gateway to Arabic books 1 and 2 and it is still not too late to join us!

Contact to register:

Ideal Muslimah- lesson 17, teacher Umm Yusif

Ideal Muslimah

Lecture # 17

(From the book Ideal Muslimah by Dr. Muhammad Ali al-Hashimi)

Chapter 2: The Muslim Woman and Her Own Self


She does not go to extremes of beautification or make a wanton display of herself p. 63

Paying attention to one's appearance should not make a Muslim woman fall into the trap of wanton display (tabarruj) and showing her beauty to anyone other than her husband and mahram relatives. She should not upset the balance which is the basis of all Islamic teaching, for the Muslim woman always aims at moderation in all things, and is on the alert to prevent any one aspect of her life from taking over at the expense of another.

One of the worst excesses that many modern Muslim women have fallen into is the habit of showing off expensive outfits at wedding parties, which have become fashion shows where competition is rife and is taken to extremes far beyond the realms of common sense and moderation. This phenomenon becomes clearest when the bride herself wears all her outfits, which may number as many as ten, one after the other: each time she changes, she comes out and shows it off to the other women present, exactly like the fashion models in the West. It does not even occur to the women among whom this habit is common, that there may be women present who are financially unable to buy such outfits, and who may be feeling

depressed and jealous, or even hostile towards the bride and her family, and other rich people. Nothing of this sort would happen if brides were more moderate, and just wore one or two outfits at their wedding parties. This is better than that extravagant showing-off which is contradictory to the balanced, moderate spirit of Islam.


She takes care of her mind by persuing knowledge

The sensitive Muslim woman takes care of her mind just as she takes care of her body, because the former is no less important than the latter.

The Muslim woman is responsible just as a man is, so she is also required to seek knowledge of her religion and secular that will be of benefit to her. When she recites the ayah ( . . . But say, `O my Lord! Advance me in knowledge.') (Qur'an 20:114) and hears the hadith, "Seeking knowledge is a duty on every Muslim," [A hasan hadith narrated by Ibn Majah]

What the Muslim woman needs to know

The first thing that the Muslim woman needs to know is how to read the Qur'an properly (with tajwid), and to understand its meaning. Then she should learn something of the sciences of hadith, the sirah of the Prophet (salla Allahu alihi wa sallam), and the history of the women of the Sahabah and Tabi`in, who are prominent figures in Islam. She should acquire as much knowledge of fiqh as she needs to ensure that her worship and daily dealings are correct, and she should ensure that she has a sound grasp of the basic principles of her religion.

Muslim women's achievements in the field of knowledge

The Mother of the Believers, `A'ishah (radi Allahu anha), was a primary source of hadith and knowledge of the sunnah, and was the first faqihah in Islam.

Another of these prominent female scholars was Fatimah, the daughter of the author of Tuhfat alfuqaha', `Ala' al-Din al-Samarqandi (d. 539 AH). She was a faqihah and scholar in her own right: she had learned fiqh from her father and had memorized his book al-Tuhfah.

And many more …..

Arabic Grammar (Sarf) level 1 and 2- OPEN registration

In the name of Allah 

assalamu alaykum dear sister 

Sarf level one is going to start this coming 

Friday Aug 8,2014 ( Lesson on Every Friday ) 

Teacher : sister Mariem 
Sarf level one and level two is going to start this coming Friday Aug 8,2014


Sarf level two is going to continue after book 1:

Sunday Aug 10, 2014   ( Lesson on Every Sunday ) 

Teacher : sister Mona 

timing : Sarf level one and level two is going to start this coming Friday Aug 8,2014

To receive book please email us

If you wish to join class you must send an email to register 
together with your skype ID 

barak Allahu feekum