Work for Hereafter Teachers

Have you ever met a teacher whose computer was broken, so at the middle of night the teacher went outside searching for an internet cafe just to give a lesson?
Have you ever met a teacher who stayed awake all the night till lesson 4:30 am being afraid to miss it?

Have you met a teacher who has responsibilities such as family, children, job, studies and still gives time and patience for us- their students for free just for sake of Allah?

We have really amazing teachers (ma sha Allah), so attend their classes and benefit from them.

We would like to thank them all, including the ones not mentioned here who continue to benefit us. May Allah reward them all, ameen.

Teachers of Sciences 

Dr. Khalid Ali Abdullah Aqil
Origin: Yemeni 
Residence: Romania
Diploma: A highly specialized medical doctor.
Additional Info: He can speak in Arabic, English, Romanian, Italian and German. He is an Imam and preacher of Niro mosque in Bucharest, Romania. 

Dr. Soheir Elbarkooky (Passed away, may Allah have mercy on her)
Origin: Egyptian
Diploma: is certified to teach Islamic sciences by Islamic Academy.
Ijazah: Has memorized the Quran and has an Ijazah in Hafs Al-Assem narration.
Additional Info: She teaches in both Arabic and English language. Soheir is a teacher of a well known online institute http://quran-university.com/ Lessons recorded by her can be watched here and here  
Blog: http://properwaytoallah.blogspot.fr/

Farzana Hussain
Origin: British Pakistani 
Residence: UK
Diploma: LL.B (hons) Law Degree, BA in Islamic Studies (KIU)
Ijazah: Nooraniyah Qaaidah
Additional Info: Farzana has been involved in da’wah for over a decade, Allaahumma baarik and has taught at various masaajid and currently teaches the Names of Allaah at her local masjid. She is passionate about Tawheed and the Qur’aan, Alhamdulillaah!

Fatime Elebyari (Umm Ahmad)
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: USA
Diploma: Has a certificate in Islamic studies (Islamic Academy) in Arabic: (Hadeeth, Usool al Hadith, Aqeedah, Usool al Fiqh, Fiqh, Tafseer, Usool al Tafseer, Arabic, Legislative Islamic Manners, Inheritance, heritage Science).
Ijazah: Memorized the Quran and received Ijaazah to teach it.

Kathryn Jones (Khadejah)
Origin: Australian
Residence: Australia
Diploma: BS in Information Science and Technology and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching.
Additional Info: She is a mother of 5 children and works for her local council in Australia in Community Development. She has been teaching sisters about the Deen for 8 years through her local Islamic Centers and online. Her aim is to inspire and motivate sisters to live Islam in their daily lives.

Maryam Clingan - (Umm Yusuf) (Passed away, may Allah have mercy on her)
Origin: American
Residence: USA
Diploma: Studied Islam at American International University and pursuing her studies at Knowledge International University. Her study subjects include Aqeedah, Fiqh, Hadith, Arabic, Quran, Tajweed, Adab, Authority of the Sunnah, Seerah, Purification of the Soul.
Additional Info: Maryam has been teaching Islam for more than 10 years,online for sisters and at her local community for children. 

Muhammad Saeed
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Madinah, Saudi Arabia
Diploma: He studies in the Prophetic Mosque (Al-Haram, Masjid An-Nabawiyy) with Sheikh Haitham Jameel.
Additional Info: Has been studying in Madinah Islamic university for two years.

Omar Al-Khalidy
Origin: Iraqi
Diploma: MSc. in Architecture, and The Professional Certificate of Project Management (AUC), studying diploma in The Higher Institute for Islamic Studies, and student in the Institute for Preparing Advocates, studied different Islamic sciences with different well known scholars.
Ijazah: In different Islamic sciences. Has Ijaza in Assem narration (Hafs and Shu'bah) and currently studying Warsh narration.
Additional Info: He has taught Fiqh to adults and Quran to kids online. Youtube channel  

Rana Al Gawakhi
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Bachelor degree in linguistics English Department college , Ain shams university
Diploma in Islamic sciences from Al husary institution by ministry of Al awqaf
Educational psychology Diploma ( nottinghill college)
Studied Positive parenting ages 0 to 18 years
ICFcertified life coah and child coaching
Memmber in Ahlan association (Egypt)for Dawah 
Memmber in Amal association( Dublin) for dawah purposes
Islamic studies and tafsir Quran teacher in the institute of linguists IOL leeds Uk and Egypt branch 
School counselor in Nile international Ib college
Working for dawah for more than 13 years
Reda Ali
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Saudi Arabia
Diploma: Teacher of English language who holds a BA degree of Arts and education, TEFL & TESOL certified.
Additional Info: He has been teaching English since 2007, and currently is working in a secondary school, Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia. He is a native Arabic speaker and a graduate of Al-Azhar University.

Tahira Ejaz
Origin: Saudi Arabian
Residence: Saudi Arabia
Additional Info: For the last 7 year Tahira has been involved in Islam and comparative religions study and research. She gained experience on the study and knowledge of famous international orators such as Dr Zakir Naik and shaykh Ahmeed Dedat, as well as some years with Dr Lamyah, Lecturer of comparative beliefs at the Islamic Education Foundation Center – Jeddah, organizer of the MISQS group at the International Commission of Scientific Signs in the Qur’an & Sunnah - Jeddah). She is involved in dawah activities on the internet.

Tasneema Nubar

Origin: Srilanka
Residence: Saudi Arabia
Diploma: By profession she is a medical doctor mastering different disciplines of Medicine. She undertook Quranic Sciences studying and researching the huge treasures left by our pious predecessors  of this Ummah in her late teens and finally under the coaching of Ustadha Anaheed As-Samairi a highly qualified Tadabbur teacher from the Institute of Sheikh Uthaimeen in Qasseem, KSA qualified as a teacher in Tadabbur conducting Tadabbur classes online for English speaking sisters.
Additional Info: Her mission is to make all Muslim sisters to be able to reflect on the Ayaas in order to extract Eemaan contained in them. This Eemaan is the much needed light that has to be collected  so that  we may remain guided on the Siraatal Mustaqeem in this world and help us cross the Siraat that is as thin as a hair and as sharp as the edge of a sword stretched across Hell safely and reach the other end - Al-Jannah (Paradise).

Radwa Samir Safwat

Origin .. Egyptian
Residence ... Egyptian
Diploma ... Doctor .. General Practitioner
But off work due to  family affairs
Student of knowledge
Working on ijaza in tafseer ibn katheer in shaa Allah through teacher Omneyyah bint Muhammad
Ijaza in memorizing the 40s Nawaweyyah 
Studied and memorized 100 hadith in Sahih Bukhari
Now studying 100 duaa from Quran and Sunnah
Still on way to memorize the Quran in shaa Allah
Going through course of nahj as.salaf with dr.Absar al.Islam Teacher of Quran in masjid al.madinah
Sharing recorded lessons for contemplation over al.Fatiha with non Arab Muslimaat
Sharing recorded lessons for duaa from the Quran with non Arab Muslimaat 
Studying Names of Allah with teacher Omneyyah

Yumna Muhammed Aly
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Cairo, Egypt
Diploma: BA degree of English, Literature and Simultaneous Interpretation from Faculty of Humanities, Al Azhar University.
Additional info: She is currently working on her MA degree. She is interested in Sirrat of Prophet (sallallahu aleihi wa sallam).

Abeda Elbanna
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Physicist
Ijazah: She memorized Qur'an and obtained Ijazah in narrations of Hafs from Asim, Shubah from Asim, Warsh 
from Naafi.

Adel Muhammad

Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: In teaching Arabic language for non Arabs from Cairo University 
Ijazah: Hafs an Asim narration
Additional Info: Native Arab speaker teaching Arabic and Tajweed Rules for non Arabs online.

Afaf Bedier
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Has a Bachelor degree in Accounting and got certified from Daw'ah Institute to give lectures in masjids in Islamic Science (Institute of Da'waa)
Ijazah: She has taken many teaching courses of Quran, has memorized the Quran and obtained many ijaazaat in Hafs an Assim with sanad related to the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu aleihi wa sallam). Also an ijaazah in Ten Qiraat sughra in the way of Shatibiyyah.
Additional Info: Teaches in masjids as a Tafseer teacher in Emaaniyyaat, also teacher of Quran and Tajweed.

Ahmad Mamdouh
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Doha, Qatar
Diploma: Bachelor in electrical power engineering
Additional Info: He has memorized the Quran and has 5 years experience in teaching Quran.

Ahmed Talaat Fathy
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Saudi Arabia
Diploma: Master degree in community pharmacy, working as a community pharmacist for 13 years and now working as a learning and development specialist in the field of community pharmacy. Has a diploma in mental health and family education consultation.
Additional Info: Has  memorized the Quran with ijazah in teaching and with 5 years of experience teaching it.

Alaa Abdullah Aref
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Graduate of Azhar University, English language department. Certified to work as an Arab - English translator by Cairo American Univerity.

Additional Info: Native Arab speaker, educated to present Islam by Dr. Fadel Soliman

Alsafa Mustafa
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Bachelor degree of Arts of English Departament
Ijazah: Alsafa has memorized the Quran and recived and Ijazah to teach it.  
Additional Info: Has been teaching non Arab sisters online for many years.

Amani Wahb
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: UK
Diploma: BA in English Language
Ijazah: Hafs from Asim, Shtibiyah Path.
Additional Info: Amani was born in Madinah, lived in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, and USA. She has taught many years Quran & Tajweed to Arabs and Non-Arabs. 

Aml Saamir (Moola)
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: USA
Diploma: Bachelor in engineering, also graduated institute of preparing callers to Allah related to Alazhar.
Ijazah: From sheikh Mohamed Sokar both Hafs and Sho'ba ways.
Additional Info: She has studied the full Tajweed  rules course at one of the centers related to Alazhar in Egypt,  Dar Alsalam and worked as a teacher there for about 7 years. She also attended Mr. Fadel Soliman program for preaching to non Muslims.

Asmaa Eldeeb
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: BA degree of Simultaneous Interpretation from the University of Azhar

Ijazah: She memorized Quran and perfected her recitation during her school and university years. Currently is pursuing an Ijazah in memorizing the Quran 
Additional Info: Experienced in teaching Quran for Arabs and foreigners for 6 years.

Asmaa Mohammed 
Origin: Egyptian.
Residence: Egypt.

Diploma: graduated from faculty of computer and informatics.
Ijazah: Memorized the Qur'an and obtained ijaazah in Hafs from Asim 
_ I am Noor Albayan, Quran and Tajweed teacher for  non native speakers, have 3 years experience

Asmaa A.M.Elsebaei
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Graduated from the facility of science, graduated from "Azharian Institute of Qira'at", obtained Takhasus al Qira'at, obtained educational teaching diploma from Alazhar university.
Ijazah: Hafs an Assim, Warsh from Nafea, Hamza, Jazariyah, Tuhfatulatfal.
Additional Info: More than 12 years experience teaching Quran in different stages and different ages. Teaching Tajweed rules including Qayedah Nouraniyah, JAzariyah and Tuhfatulatfal. Also teaching basics of Qiraat rules (Shatebyyah). Supervising the teachers of children and coordinating their work and correcting their recitation. 

Aya Gomaa Fekry
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Faculty of Arts English Department
Ijazah: In both Hafs and Sho'ba ways. Taking another ijazah for ibn karheer way.
Additional Info: Studied Tuhfatulatfal, Al-jazariah, Al-shatebyah in progress. Can recite by ورش, قالون , ابو عمرو (الدورري _ السوسي ) ابو جعفرابن كثير( البزي _قنبل)
Studied all Tajweed rules, taking masters at Minnesota university Islamic Studies (in progress). Studying online diploma at IOU (Dr Bilal Philips). Teaching quran for Arabs 
and non Arabs.

Dahlia Al-Khalidy
Origin: Iraqi
Residence: Australia
Diploma: Bachelor degree in Dentistry
Ijazah: Has memorized the Quran and obtained sanad related to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) of Hafs and Shu;ba from Assim narration in Jordan.
Additional Info: Teaches Quran at Islamic center in Australia and teaches online.

Dalia Abdelhalem Ahmed
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Dimploma: Studied at the Institute of preparing preacers.
Ijazah: Nouraniyah Qayedah & Ijazah in reading the Quran to teach others.
Additional Info: Teaches lectures in Islamic subjects, Tajweed,  Al-Hadeeth, Prophetic Biography & Mothers of the Believers (seerah). Teaches children Aqeda and hold lectures related to social issues.  
Blog: http://ohebollah.blogspot.com/ 
Website: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0f93eks4lk23hjk/MDglMQgGA8?m

Doaa Zidan
Origin: Egyptian 
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Bachelor in Agriculture, received a 3 year Islamic Studies degree from Maahad Alketab and Sunnah. Completed a 2 year course on Software Management and now working as a project manager at a Mobile Studio Company.
Ijazah: Working on Ijazah of Hafs from Assim
Additional Inf0: Assistant inspector and teacher of Holy Quran and Nour Albayan at Al Arqam Ibn Abi Al-Arqam Academy between June 2014 to August 2016. Currently volunteering as an online Quran teacher, teaching Arab and Non Arab students from 2011.

Dr. Haleema Sadiya
Origin: Indian
Residence: India
Diploma: Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Masters in Islamic Studies.
Additional Info: She is conducting weekly Quran classes at home and involved in various online dawah work. Her aim is to help Urdu speakers to understand the Quran and contemplate on it.

 Elsayeda Muhammad Elshorbagy (Umm Salman)
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Graduate of Faculty of Education, department of English, University of Al-Azhar.
Ijazah: Has memorized the Quran and is on the way of getting Ijazah in teaching the Quran in Hafs an Assim and Qayedah Al-Nouraniyah
Additional Info: Licensed from Al-Azhar Alsharief to conduct classes and teach Quran. Works online as an English teacher.

Eman Gamal Elsayed (Om Anas) 
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Faculty of Arts & General diploma.
Ijazah: Qayedah Nouraniyah 
Additional Info: Has been teaching Quran and Qayedah Nouraniyyah since 2007. Has memorized 10 chapters of the Quran and is passionate about Tawheed , islamic science and the Qur’aan

Entisar Etriby
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Has taken three Tajweed courses, one of them from a global academy and two special performance courses. 
Ijazah: She ​has memorized the Quran and has Ijazah in Hafs and Sho'ba Abou Assem.
Additional Info: She has been teaching Arabs  8 years  & Non Arabs for one year and half.

Fatema Said Kotb
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Saudi Arabia
Diploma: BSc in Chemistry faculty Of Science Al Azhar University.
Ijazah: Has memorized the Quran and has an Ijazah from Hafs an Asim narration. Has a certificate in (TOT) Train the trainer.
Additional Info: Also teaches Quran, Tajweed , Fiqh and Islamic Studies, and teaches kids Quran online.

Eman Saeed  
  Origin : Egyptian
Residense : Cairo Egypt
Diploma : Bachelor of French language and Literature
got certificate of Da'waa institute
Ijazah : obtained Ijazah with sanad related to the prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) in narrations of
Hafs from Asim and Shuba from Asim
also Ijazah in Qiraat Ibn Kasir

 Fatemah Alzahraa Ahmed
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Informatics Systems.
Ijazah: Working on Hafs an Assim narration.
Additional Info: Teaching Quran to non Arab sisters for about a year. 

Gehan Ebrahem Ahmed 
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Graduated from the Faculty of Education,
Ijazah: Has Ijazah in recitation and memorization.
Additional Info: Has finished a 8-year study  in the institute of Qiraat. Currently teaches sisters free online Tajweed and Quran classes.

Gehan Hafs ( Gehan abo Zad )
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Faculty of Arts Department of History university of Cairo.
Ijazah: Hafs an Asim narration.
Additional Info: Has learned a novel Warsh an Nafi and has memorized this Novel. Now studies the science of ten reading (qira). Mentoring teacher for Arabs.

Hadeer Anwar
Origin: Egypt
Residence: Egypt
Ijazah: Two Ijazah in Quran (Qaloon and Warsh), Ijazah in Islamic Studies
Additional Info: 
Teacher of Quran and Islamic Studies at different institutes. Registrar at Iqranetwork Quran and Arabic online. Preacher at Islam-port and Ask Muslims websites. (Invites non-Muslims to join Islam), Teacher for new Muslims. 

Haitham Ashour
Origin: Egypt
Residence: Qatar
Diploma: Bachelor degree of Mechanical Engineering
Ijazah: Got ijazah of teaching and reading Quran in 2007
Additional Info: Student on second year of Tafsir academy for Quranic studies

Hala Salama
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Masters in Civil Engineering
Ijazah: Have Ijazah and permission to teach; Ijazah Tareeq Hafs An Asem, Tareeq Ashatebieyah
Additional Info: Teaches Quran online to non Arab sisters.

Hanan AbdelAziz 
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt 
Diploma: Two year Islamic Studies Degree from Al Awqaaf Ministry/Cairo-Egypt (the second Institute after Al Azhar University).
Ijazah: Has obtained authentication and approval (Ijazah) to teach Quran with the narration of Hafs an Assim with a sanad related to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
Additional Info: She has been teaching Quran Tajweed rules classes for Egyptians and online for foreigners through the internet, for adults as well as for kids. She aims to transmit her Quran experience to Allah's worshipers and Prophet's followers, so that we all deserve (in shaa'Allah) Allah's Mercy and the highest Firdaws with the company of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu aleihi wa sallam) in the hereafter.

Huda Saleh
Origin: Saudi
Residence: Saudi Arabia
Diploma: Bachelor in English
Ijazah: Working on pursuing her Ijazah
 Additional Info: Studied Quran in specialized school for Quran teachers.  She has taught foreigners Quran for 2 years. A year ago she has completed the first khatma and started to take courses of Othmani Calligraphy of Quran.

Jehan Saber Mohamed Ahmed (Umm Habeebah)
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Saudi Arabia
Diploma: Bachelor in Sociology and 2 years of English language.
Ijazah: Hafs & Shu'ba narration
Additional Info: Has worked in Islamic schools and Islamic centers in US, currently a school principal in Saudi Arabia.

Name: Lailema Sahil Ahmadzi
Origin: Afghanistan
Residence: Sweden
education: teacher 
Ijazah: Qaida noorania and tajweed in Shuba and Hafs an Assim

 Kareem Torky
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Student of Azhar university
Additional Info: Has memorized Quran with tajweed rules at age of 14 and revised it with ulama there.

Maha Elsheikh
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Architect, she received a two-year Islamic Studies degree from Al-Awqaaf Ministry (Cairo, Egypt)
Ijazah: Has memorized the Quran and received an Ijazah with a sanad related to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) with Riwayat Haffs an Assem.
Additional Info: Dedicated and passionate in teaching with many years of experience teaching online. 

Mai (Om Abdullah)
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: B.A from languages and translation English department from Ainshams university, Educational diploma from Almansoura university.
Ijazah: Has memorized the Quran and obtained Ijazah of reciting Quran in 2013 with two different qira't (Hafs and Sho'aba) with a connected sanad to prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him).
Additional Info: TeachesQayedah Nouraniyah with a certificate from Alforqan center. Dedicated teacher who teaches Quran and Tajweed to Arabic and non-Arabic speakers (females and children). 

Manal Ahmad
Origin: Saudi 
Residence: Saudi Arabia
Diploma: A graduate of the Faculty of Education of Saudi university, majoring in Islamic Studies.
Additional Info: Has memorized in the Quran and is experienced in teaching it both at schools and online. She is a teacher of a well known Quran learning institute quran-university.com

Manal Ibrahim El Morsi
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1980

Ijazah: Memorized Quran with Shaykh Hafiz al Sayegh who granted her Ijazah in the recitation of the Quran according to the narration of Hafs an Assim and Warsh an Nafie by the way of Shatibiyah. He also granted her Ijazah in Al Shatibiyah after having recited the Quran in 7 Qira'at. 
Additional Info: She came third in a course on Legal Sciences in masjid Al Tawheed in Mansoura. 

 Marwa El Gindy

Origin: Egyptian

Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Bachelor Degree of Alsun English Department.
Ijazah: Has memorized the Quran and obtained Ijazah with a sanad related to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in narrations of Hafs from Asim, Shuba from Asim. She is currently working to obtain an Ijazah in Elgeraat El AShr Additional Info: She got certified also from Maahad El Qeraat and Maahad Alalameen in Islamic Studies. She has been teaching Quran for many years.

Marwa Mokhtar
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Bachelor degree of Arts of English Department
Ijazah: Working on ijazah of Hafs from Assim and Shubah from Assim.
Additional Info: Has been teaching non Arab sisters for many years online. 

Marwa Mustafa
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt

Ijazah: Memorized Quran and obtained her Ijazah teach it.
Additional Info: Knows all the basics of Tajweed and is ready to help sisters to learn it.

Mervat Gabr (Om Walaa)
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Ijazah: Has 10 Quran ijazahs of the highest degree with a sanad related  to the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Ijazah in (al Muwataa) by Imam Malek, Ijazah in the Forty Nawawi Hadiths; Ijazah in some Quran "mutoon".
Additional Info: She's a member of Al Firadaus Centre for Quranic Development and has 7 years experience in teaching Quran to both Arab and non Arab students.

Mihriya Gagica
Origin: Kosovo
Residence: Prishtina
Ijazah: Has memorized the Qur’an and has an Ijazah in teaching it.
Additional Info: Since 2014, she has been holding online classes and working at a local Islamic Center as a Tajweed teacher. 
Youtube: link to classes and lessons.

Mohamed Fawzy
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Qatar
Diploma: Engineer
Ijazah: Got Ijazah and teaching Quran in 2006 
Additional Info: Concurrently a student in his third year of Islamic studies institute in Qatar.

Mona Ragab
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Graduated from a faculty of nursing, studied Quran in Saudi Arabia for 3 years and then  continued her studies in Egypt to be a teacher of Quran.
Ijazah: Hafs an Asim & Shu'ba narrations.
Additional Info: Also studied in Islamic institute of Awkaf for 2 years.

Mona Raafut

Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Graduated from faculty of Dentistry in 2004, then joined the Islamic institute for training preachers under supervision of Ansar-ulsunna Almohammdeya association and graduated in 2008 
Ijazah: Has memorized the Quran and received her Ijazah
Additional Info: She became a teacher for Quran and Arabic grammar for both Arabic and non Arabic speakers , now she is a student in the faculty of Dar-ul uloom at Caio university pursuing a degree in Arabic language as well as Islamic culture. 

Mona Shaaban

Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Graduate of Technology Institute
Ijazah: She has ijazah in The Ten Minor and Major Qiraat, the Four Additional Qiraat.The Fundamental Principles, Tuhfatul Atfaal, Al Shatibiyah and Al Jazriyah.
Additional Info: She also has Ijazah in teaching the following books: Tanweer al Quloub in the Qiraat of Yacoub, Al Jisr al Mamoun in the Qiraat of Qaloun, Jalaa Basari in the Qiraat of Hassan al Basri, Zadus-Sa'er in the Qiraat of Ibn Amer, Ghayatu Surury in the Qiraat of Al Doory, Al Munir in the Qiraat of Ibn Katheer, Ahsanu Suhbah in the Qiraat of Shu'bah, Ahla Durusy in the Qiiraat of Al Susy, Itiba'u-l Athar in the Qiraat of Abi Jaa'far, Ath-thamarul Yanie' in the Qiraat of Warsh Farhatul Abrar in the Qiraat of Khalaf al Bazzar, Rifa'atul Darajat in the Qiraat of Al Zayyat The Forty Nawawy Hadith, Riyadu-Saliheen, Sahih Al Bukhary.

Muna Cige Moxamed
Origin: Somalian
Residence: UK
Diploma: Bsc degree in German and Computer Networking.
Ijazah: Riwaya of Warsh from Naafi', tuhfah-tul-atfaal, jazariya and is on the way to completing her Ijazah in the ten qiraa'aat and the qiraa'at of Aasim (Hafs and Shu'bah) with our Sheikha Afaf Bedier. 
Additional Info: A previous student with Work-for-Hereafter. Currently teaches Quraan in a madrassah in London.

Name: MonaLiza Paimon
Origin: Malaysian
Residence: Doha, Qatar
Diploma : Degree in office management, University of Malaya. 
Ijazah : Ijazah in Tajwid Hafs an Asim from Sheikha Marwa, and ijazah in Tajwid Hafs an Asim from  Syakha Amal. Ijazah in Qaedah Noraniyah with Ustazah Uroosa, and Syakha Amal. Now reciting Quran with Syakha Zainab (Qatar) and also with Sheikh Dr Sameh Abu Ammar. 
Additional info: been teaching correction recitation and tajwid in own language (malay) online for few years.

Mwana Ahmada
Origin: Tanzanian
Residence: Tanzania 
Diploma: Bachelor Degree in Education from Muslim University of Morogoro in Tanzania. 
Ijazah: Working on Ijazah (Hafs an Asim) 
Additional Info: Teacher of Quran for non Arab sisters online.

Nagwa Khedr
Origin: Egyptian
Diploma: BA degree in accounting from the university of Cairo. She received a two year Islamic studies degree from the ministry of Al Awkaf in Cairo. 
Ijazah: Has memorized the Quran and received an Ijazah to teach with a sanad to the prophet SAWS with the narration of Hafs and Assim and is going to have Ijazah of narration of Shuba an Assim. 
Additional Info: She is working as a teacher of Quran and tajweed at Dar ibn Masood and Masjid Musa ibn Nosair.

Nasren Saber Othman
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Bachelor of commerce/ university of Alexandria
Ijazah: Has memorized Quran and has 5 ijaza (عاصم براوييه -نافع  براوييه-بن كثير-ابو جعفر-ابوعمرو البصرى )

Additional Info: She teaches Quraan for kids and women  for  over 8 years.

Noha Gomaa
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy in 1981 Additional Info: Taught children at a masjid from 1995-2013, certified by Al Nour Institute for Dawah in 2004, finished Quran memorization in 2005, attended training courses on Teaching Skills, obtained a Teachers' Certificate from Masjid al-Fath in 2008,  got a year's training as teacher of tajweed in Masjid al-Fath, taught tajweed at a masjid in 2011 and currently teaching Women's Fiqh at a masjid.

 Noha Mohammad
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: BA degree in English literature, 2 years degree in Islamic Studies from ALAWKAF institute for preachers. Ijazah: She has Ijazah  in  the recitation of Quran according to the narration of Hafs 'an' Asim
Additional Info: Has been teaching Quran and Tajweed rules to non Arab sisters online for many years.

Noha Aseam Ali
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Graduate from the Faculty of Commerce. 
Ijazah: Has Ijazah of the Quran from the Egyptian sheikha Nailaa Sayed. She also has Ijazah Al Jazariyah, Tuhfatulalfal and Nour Al Bayan.
Additional Info: Has experience working online teaching non Arab sisters.

Rania Hawas
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Bachelor degree of Business Administration, Alhamdulillah, received certificate in Islamic subjects from Dawaa Institute
Ijazah: memorized Quran and received Ijazaa in narration of Hafs.

Reham Adel
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Graduate of Sadat Academy of Management sciences in Egypt. She also studied Tajweed in Husary mosque and received a certificate to teach rules of Tajweed. 
Additional Info: She is also seeking to become certified to teach Qayidah al Nooraniyyah and continues to memorize Quran.

Sahar Hashem
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Pharmacist 
Ijazah: Memorized the Qur'an and obtained ijaazah in narration of Hafs from Asim from Masjid Hussain Sherif Sheikh Mohammad Hassan.

Salaam Jamal
Origin: Jordanian
Residence: Saudi Arabia
Diploma: BA in English Literature, finished five years effort of memorizing the Holy Quran with detailed tajweed rules, in addition to multiple courses in fiqh and aqeedah.
Additional Info: Currently she's pursing an online bridging diploma in Islamic studies.

Samah Mohammad abd el Salam
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: A degree of faculty of Arts
Ijazah: She memorized the Quran and received ijaazah from Hafs al Assim to teach it.
Additional Info: Working on ijaazah from Shubah and ibn Ameer.

Sara Shamseldin
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Has been studying ilm Shariyah for many years.
Ijazah: She memorized the Quran and received ijaazah to teach it with sanads in qiraat of Hafs, Warsh and Shubah related back to Muhammad (sallallahu aleihi wa salam)
Additional Info: Seeking to receive ijaazah in other qiraat. Has been teaching Quran for many years.

Sarah Abdel Fatah
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Saudi Arabia
Diploma: Graduated from Faculty of Islamic studies Al Azhar University
Ijazah: Memorized the Quraan & got Ijazaa in narrations of Hafs from Asim , Shoba from Asim & Qaloon from Naafi.
Additional Info: She is experienced in teaching the Quran.

Sawsan Jameel Ibrahim  (Umm Karam) 
Origin: Iraqi
Residence: Iraq
Diploma: Bachelor degree in Agriculture from Baghdad University.
Ijazah: Hafs from Asim – Abu Jafar – Warsh – Abu Amr Al Basri – Ijazah in Ajromiya
Additional Info: Working on the 10th Qira'at. Teaching in Iqraa room on Paltalk for several years. 

Shamima Parvin
Origin : British Bangladeshi
Residence : United Kingdom
Diploma : B A (Hons) in Social Science
Ijaazah : 2 Ijaajah  of  Qaaidah Nooraniyah
Additional Information : She has been teaching Quran for 7 years. She is the founder of Insaaf Foundation ( a charity organisation). 
She has completed a Ruqiyah shariah course.
Another Quran Ijazah Hafs and Shu'ba in progress. 
She is involved in Dawah programme and devoted to spread the message of Tawhwid as well.

Seham Mahmoud Mohammed 
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Qatar
Diploma: B.A. from Ain Shams University, History Department (1981)
Ijazah: Has ijazah in the Ten Minor and Major Qira'aat (2007)
Additional Info: She attended different courses on "Challenging barriers", "Self Management", " Technologies of Human Efficiency", and " How to become a successful teacher." She was also awarded a certificate of Merit for her contribution in teaching Quran in " AL Noor Center" in Qatar. She was also awarded a diploma on " Family Teaching.

Shaaila Muhammad
Origin: Indian
Residence: India

Ijazah: Qaaidhah Nooraniyah, Thuhfathul Athfaal, Tajweed Rules in Hafs an Assim
Additional Info: Currently working on Ijazah in Jazariyyah poem and teaching sisters online.

Shaima El Sheikh
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Bachelor of Education, Kindergarten Department of Special Education in Alexandria University.
Ijazah: Hafs an Assim narration, Al-Tohfa, Noor Albayan
Additional Info: My quotes: "If Allah guides you to remember Him, it is a sign that Allah loves you"

Soumaya Aek 
Origin: Algerien
Residence: Algeria
Diploma: Pharmacist
Additional Info: Graduated from.the school of languiges Arabic-English-French. After that going to el masdjid el nabawi to do the ilm. Graduated from the school of coran with the riwayah of hafs. Start the riwaya of warsh but not finish it. Graduated from the school of mootoon of elmadinnah. Graduated from the school of el da³wa in elqassim as a daeiyah. Graduated from the school of Quran teachers as teacher of the non arabophone 'school riyadh'. Graduated from the algerien mosque as moujaz in tadjweed tohfa et jazariya. Finnishing her path now to get more and more. Now specializing in tadabur and tafsser but not graduating now. Working with her father, he is a daeiyah alwo, on the job of dawah to islam in europe and africa and inshaAllah more .

 Somaya Ewys Mohamed
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Graduate from the institute of preparing preachers.
Ijazah: She has ijazah in Hafs from Asim and Shubah from Asim, also ijazah in tuhfatulAtfal and Aljazarya.
Additional Info: Now is working on ijazah in Ashab Assiluh/ Kallon/AbuJaafr/ibn Kathir and other ijazah to Hafis from Asim with higher sanad. The sister is teaching Qur'an and tajweed to Arabs and non Arabs.

Shorooq Youssef   (Umm Ibrahim)
Nationality: Egyptian
Residence: USA
Diploma: Faculty of Commerce, English branch, Cairo University.
Ijazah: Have several Ijazaat and certified in Quran, both in reading and memorizing (Hafs from Asem, Qaloon from Nafe, Warsh from Nafe , Ibn Katheer Almakky ( both Albazy and Qunbol from Ibn Katheer), Hamza Alzyat ( Both khalaf and khalad from Hamza). And all from Shatibia path. Ijazah in matn Al Jazeria and Tohfet Al Atfal  (certified). Ijazahs khatma for qeerat Emam Ali Alkessay (Abu AlHareth and Adoury), qeerat Emam Khalaf Alasher (Edrees an Eshaq), qeerat  Abu Jaefar Al Madany.
Additional info: Certificate from Islam academy. Currently pursuing more studies in science of Quran with focus on the recitation science (qeraat).
Tahany Mohammed Shedid
Origin: Egyptian
Diploma: BA degree in Accounting, received a two years Islamic Studies degree from El Awfaf Ministry in Cairo ( instute of da'wah)
Ijazah: Have (Ijaza) to teach the Holy Quran with the narration of Hafs an Assem with a sanad related to prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and teaching Tajweed.
Said AbdulHafeez Sharafudden
Origin: Egyptian Residence: Egypt Diploma: student at faculty of languages and translation/department of Islamic studies in English/ Al-Azhar university. Additional info: memorized the holy Qur`an with Tagweed rules. Arabic native speaker, master both languages Arabic and English, and work as freelancing translator(Arabic into English and oppsite) Taught Arabic language related subjects for high school students, such as Syntax, morphology and rhetoric in Arabic language. Teach English language for non-English native speakers as a volunteer. 

Umm Sarah
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: degree of Law studies
Ijazah: She memorized the Quran and received an Ijaazah (certificate ) with a (sanad related to) the Prophet Mohamed -peace be upon him- (with Riwayat Haffs an Assem). Then got another Ijaazah with (connected sanad) in Imam Assem's (qira'a) through big shaikhs.
Additional info: She has taught Quraan in Quraanic schools and on the internet for six years.
Umm Emarah Lamia Karmy
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Cairo, Egypt
Diploma: a graduate of education, mathematics department.
Ijazah: She has ijaazah in: rewayat asem (sho'ba and hafs from asem), tajweed poem al jazaariyah and qayidah al nooraniyyah.
Waffa Abo Ali elBadri
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Madinah
Diploma: Sanad in Hafs an Assim, Hafizah of the Quran. Currently taking an intonation course in English to help (Ajams) non Arabs to gain knowledge of the Quran.
Additional Info: Ten years of experience teaching Quran at the sanctuary of the beloved prophet pbuh. Dedicated teacher who strives to help students attain excellent Quran recitation with proper Tajweed and prepare them to be excellent teachers of the future in sha Allah

Walaa Samir (Umm Abdallah)

Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: B.A. degree in Italian language. Second language English.
Ijazah: Memorized Quran and obtained ijazah in narration of Hafs from Assem.
Additional info: Have been teaching Qur'an and tajweed for ten years.

Warda Hibeh Mahd
 I'm Yemeni, living in Yemen. I have  a university qualification . I also studied at Ashatibi Institute and got a diploma of the Ten Qiraat . I have some ijazat of the holy Quran and these are:
Hafs , Hamza,  Warsh , Alkisaai and Khalaf Alaashir together , Qaloon , Asim and Ibn Aamir together.
I was a Quran teacher at a Charity Foundation in our area for about 6 years then I became the supervisor of  the Women  Quran Memorization Center related to this foundation, for about two or three years. I also learned and was teaching Islamic topics in it , but unfortunately when the war started, the foundation stopped its activities.
Currently I'm the supervisor of a    Quran memorization"house"  (meant only for Quran memorization) where I also teach with my sisters and others.

Teachers who teach how to read Quran:
Asiya Taher
Origin: Algerian
Diploma: a teacher of English in Algeria. She has certificates on techniques in memorizing Quran through NLP From Dr Yahia El Ghathani.
Ijazah: She memorized half the Quran(with Riwayat Haffs an Assem).
Eman Saeed Atteya
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: Bachelor Degree of Faculty of Literature, French Section.
Ijazah: She obtained ijazah in Qayidah alNuraniyyah. She also got certified from Da’wah Institute. Also has obtained ijazah  Hafs from Asim and Ijazah Shubah from Asim
Additional info: She has been teaching Quran at local mosque for many years, and is preparing now to obtain Ijazah of Ibn kasir, in sha Allah.
Ehsan Gabrallah
Diploma: BA degree of accounting ,  a 3-year degree from Quran  institute allowing her to teach tajweed rules
Additional info: teaching sisters how to read and recite the Quran . Currently working on ijazah ( Hafs narration)
 Ibtisam Kamal Abdeen
 ( Omraead )
Origin: Jordanian
Residence: Aqaba, Jordan
Ijazah: received an Ijaazah in Qur'aan from  Hafs al Asim and Ijaazah in Alqaeedah  Alnooraniah for Noor Mo'd Alhakkani.
Additional info: teaches Qur'aan to Arabs in Masaajid and online, and start give the Noraniah for non-Arabic online.
Halima Islam
Origin: Bangladeshi 
Diploma: Graduated B.B.A in Management 
Student of M.B.A in Management. 
Student of 6 year Alema course in madrasa. 
Studied Diploma course  in IOU(Billal Philips Institute) 
Ijajah :Qaydah an nuranniyah Ijajah from furqan centre.
Completed quran Reading ijajah in Narration hafs and Asim.
Another Quran reading Ijajah in progress.

Tazweed :Two Jazariyyah Ijajah in progress, Qasidah Shakhawiyah in progress. 
Yasmin Farghaly
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Saudi Arabia
Diploma: pharmacist
Additional info: She memorized Quran, mastered tajweed rules and teaches the basics how to read and recite Quran in our classroom and at Islamic Online University.
Wafaa Mohammed
Diploma: BA degree of Arts (English departament), a MA degree in comparative Literature (AUC), a 2-year degree from Da'wah institute allowing her to teach the basics of Islamic sciences.
Additional info: She is a translator, a teacher of English, also teaching sisters how to read and recite the Quran (Nooraniyah). Currently working on ijazah ( Hafs narration) and studying Warsh naration of Quran. 
Teachers Of Arabic Language:
Aisha Abubakr Mostafa
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Malaysia
Diploma: master degree in microbiology.
Additional info: She memorized Quran, teaching  tajweed rules and Arabic.
Abdullah Zaki
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Gulf
Diploma: Arabic content developer who has a degree in translation from the faculty of languages and translation at Al-Azahr University in Cairo
Additional info: helping international organizations in crafting compelling and culturally appropriate Arabic content for a range of audiences.
Haneen Rajeh Hanaishi
Origin: Palestinian
Additional info: student of Arabic language who is a native Arabic speaker and teaches Arabic for both children and adults.
Eman Saad (Emmy)
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: an architect, graduated 2002 from Zagazig University
Additional info: currently is working as a teacher of architecture in CG studio Cairo. She has been teaching Arabic language online for beginners for 3 years. She has been working as a member of English society school teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers in Nasr city.

Massouda Mhamdi
Origin: Tunisian
Residence: Tunis
Diploma: agronomist engineer of Higher Institute of Agricultural Sciences in Tunis Tunisia
Additional info: sister studied Quran for hafs an Assem recitation,  she is memorizing right now, has got Tohfatul Atfal memorized and explained; working as Quran and arabic teacher online for more than  two years; has took  courses for preparing Arabic teacher for non arabic speakers; took course AlQaidah Annouraniyah with Al madinah mosque online.
Sarah Dorrah
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Egypt
Diploma: translator, has a BA degree of Arts in English language and literature
Additional info: has been working in the field pf Islamic translation since 2008.
Sara Sharrawy
Origin: Egyptian
Residence: Cairo, Egypt
Ijazah: memorized the Quran and has an ijaazah from Hafs al Asim.
Additional info: She worked  teaching  Quran and Arabic at an Egyptian school.

 Seham Sayed Abdullmajeed

Origin:- Egyptian. 

Residence:- Egypt. 
Studies :- Sophomore ( At Faculty of translation Department English at Cairo University) 
Ijaazah: Memorized Quran .

2 levels of Motton from Al Masjid an Nabawi online. ( متون طالب العلم )
Zahraa Salah Al Deen Al Absawy
Origin: Egyptian
Diploma: Bachelor degree branch Theology (Islamic) and Hadeeth science, Faculty of Islamic and Arabic studies for girls, Al Azhar University and Master studies (2 years 4 semesters' full time studies) in Theology (Islamic) and Hadeeth Science - Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies, Al Azhar University.
Additional info: he has more than 6 years expierence of teaching Arabic online and she is currently teaching at al Azhar University.
Tammy Taiba
Origin: Saudi
Residence: Saudi Arabia 
Diploma: Master's Degree in Arts and Education: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) as well as a Bachelor's Degree of Arts and Education in the English Language. 
Additional Info: She is a native Arabic speaker and by profession she is a certified English language teacher. Moreover, she is an online English and Arabic tutor. She has been teaching English online since  2010 for foreign and Arab students ma sha Allah. Furthermore, she taught Arabic for foreign learners and facilitated several online lessons for memorizing Quran for ladies only.

Teachers of English Language:
Amira Sultan
Origin: Arab-American
Ijazah: received an Ijaazah in Qur'aan
Additional info: teaches Arabic and Qur'aan to non-Arabs both in Masaajid and online. She also has experience teaching English to Arabs.
Kathleen Moore (Amirah)
Origin: American
Additional info: A revert sister who is a native English speaker and teaches our sisters the English language.
 Safiyyah Muhammad
Origin: American
Additional info: She is a native English speaker and teaches our sisters in the English language.  She is current giving classes on line for arab sisters with English reading + Conversational English, this class in sha Allah will enable the sisters to have interaction with each other and to be able to Master both reading and speaking the English Language.
Judith Muhammad (Umm Salahudeen)
Diploma: Degree in travel and tourism
Additional info: A revert sisterwho isa native English speaker. She is currently giving online classes in English reading and English grammarto non English speaking sisters.