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NEW CLASS: Gateway to Arabic by teacher Zahraa

In the name of Allah  Assalamu alaykum dear sisters 
Our teacher's sister Abeer mother had car accident.  She needs to take care of her mum ,so the classes had been stopped stopped. Please kindly make duaa for her mum.
With Allah's mercy and blessing we found a good teacher who is going to start lesson from page one again.
If you wish to attend please kindly send your skype ID to
Gateway Arabic book 1 class :  New Teacher : sister Zahraa 
Class time : every Monday  7:45pm Makkah time (  11:45pm EST / 4:45 pm UK )  duration of class : 45 minutes 
Gateway Arabic book 2 class : 
Class time : every Monday  7:45pm Makkah time (  11:00pm EST / 4:00 pm UK )  ​duration of class :45 minutes 
If you wish to attend class please download the book from this link

NEW CLASS: The Book of Iman by teacher Asma

In the name of Allah 
Asaalamu alaykum dear sisters 
we plan to open a new class to help you to increase on your faith 
the book name is : 
The Book of Emaan According to the Classical Works of Shaikhul-Islam  by Dr. Muhammad Naim Yasin(Author)
Teacher : sister Asma   ( who has master degree from al Azhar university and is currently teaching there ) 
class time : every Monday :   9 :00-   10:00 pm Makkah time / 1pm EST / 6pm UK time  ( starting Mar 2 2015 ) in sha Allah 
Book Of Emaan ( Ibn Taymiyah ) According To The Classical Works Of Shaikhul-Islam ( Ibn Taymiyah ) According the most noble knowledge a man can learn and teach to others is the bases of belief (emaan) and its requirements. The Best precautionary measures he can protect himself with is the knowledge of the characteristics of disbelief (Kufr), its causes and exigencies. If man has insight into these two important things, he will know the way of his happiness and follow it, and avoid the way of his misery. In this book, we…