International Guest Speaker Ramadan Preparation Lecture

In the name of Allah
It is our pleasure and honor to inform you all
 that our guest speaker for the month of April will be Ustadah Hafsa Dean!
 Ustadah Hafsa is a da’ia who reverted to Islam at the age of 17,
4th generation Canadian from Aboriginal decent.  

Since reverting Ustadah Hafsa Thompson has been on the path of knowledge,
 giving grassroots dawah throughout her community, street dawah,
speaking at many institutes, studying under many mashaikhs and
 has obtained her BA with Honours in Shariah
 becoming one of the leading knowledgeable female speakers in North America.  

Topic: Ramadan: The heart of the matter!
When:  Friday, April 27, 2018
Time: 7:00 PM KSA
Duration: 45 min. talk & 15 min Q &A 
Where: Class will be announced on Skype and held on Zoom

If you wish to register, please contact one of our admins.
Please feel free to share this announcement with your friends, family,
 social media or any groups you may be in.
 JazakAllaahu Khairan (flower) 

For women only! 

Get to know Ustadah Hafsa! 
About Ustadah Hafsa Dean

New Quran Reflection Class

In the name of Allah
It is our pleasure and honor to inform all sisters
A Quran reflection class is now opened for registration 
The New Teacher: Sister Tasneema 
Class time: every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. KSA  
( Starting  April 17, 2018 )

Any one wish to join the class please inform the coordinators via skype or by e-mail.

This is a series of lessons in Tadabbur. Tadabbur is to reflect on the Ayas of the Noble Quran and deeply understand its meanings so as to extract Eemaan from them which is the noor by which our hearts remain guided on the Siraatal Mustaqeem in this world and it is the same noor we need to cross the Siraat that is as thin as a hair and as sharp as the edge of a sword on  Yawmul Qiyaamah.
Allah Azza wa Ajal says in Ayah 24 of Surat Muhammad :
أفلا يتدبرون القرآن أم على قلوب أقفالها 
"Then do they not reflect upon the Quran or are there locks upon their hearts."

Special meeting for our students - mums and kids

In the Name of Allah
Note to all students :
Our worries: As the lately international fitnah about the Atheists are trying to cause our children confused at schools by making them doubt God’s existence and our faith, plus the so call “ April 3 hurting muslims Day “ was plotted to hurt muslims,
 we feel the need to discuss the issues with our students ( mums and kids ), 
so we arrange with dr.soheir a special meeting to help students to know about Allah’s existence,  and how to face all these fitnah with good faith,
there will be also Question and Answer opened toward end of the meeting ,
 we hope all sisters will encourage your family ( specially your kids ) to come and participate the meeting , hopefully it will be able to benefit all, 
may Allah guide us and protect us, ameen ya RAB

The meeting:   on April 7  ( Saturday ) 5:00 pm KSA   / 3pm UK / 10am EST 
The teacher : sis Dr.soheir 
Any one wish to join the class please inform our coordinators via skype or email
barak Allahu feekum