OPEN Registration: Makhaarij and Sifaat

In the name of Allah 
Assalamu alaykum dear sisters 

Due to previous lesson with sister Tahany being on and off, it seems many sisters did not continue to be regular, therefore we are giving chance to all sisters again to take this lesson from beginning , but you have to give promise you will attend this class regularly to benefit 
if you are absent from class more then 3 times without sending apology or valid reasons to your absence , you will be removed from this class automatically 

New Makhaarij & Sifaat class 
Teacher : sis Tahany 
class time : Every thursday 6:30pm Makkah time ( 5:30pm Egypt time ) 
10:30am EST / 3:30pm UK 
Starting Jan 1 , 2015 ( Thursday ) 
please download the book for further reference : 

any sister wish to join this class , must make sure you will keep yourself regular to class 
and send us an email to register before Dec 31 for this class with your skype ID 
​so you can be added to class ​

​shall you have any further inquiry, do not hesitate to let us know 

NEW Quran recitation class: OPEN registration

In the name of Allah 
Assalamu alaykum dear sisters 
Praise and thanks be to Allah who is always the most merciful

1) New Quran recitation lesson on Friday 

It is our pleasure to introduce you to a new Quran teacher Iman abu Hadid who
will join our team and give lesson every Friday  

class time : Every Friday ( starting Dec 19 ,2014)  at 11pm Makkah time 

Any sister wishes to join this class please send an email to register with your skype ID.
Note: there is another Quran class with sister Marwa. If you prefer that class please
do not register to this new class 

2) Quran class time changed 

Sister Mwarna Quran class previously on Thursday changed to be every Wednesday 
at 8pm Makkah time 

Sister Manal Quran recitation originally on Wednesday switched with sis Mwarna to be on 
on every Thursday 9:30pm Makkah time 

3)  Qayedah alnouraniyah for Asian sisters with teacher sister Khadeja 
changed the class time to be 5:45pm Makkah time

barak Allahu feekum