New Qayidah al Noyraniyah Class

In the name of Allah
New qayedah alnouraniyah class is opened for registration with a teacher who has ijazah
class time : every Monday at 5:30am KSA ( US Canada Sunday night 9:30pm )

Starting Feb 6 ,2o17
Teacher name : sis Huma ( who has ijazah of alnouraniyah )
any one wish to join class ,pls type 777 huma to add you to skype work_for_hereafter

New Quran recitation lesson

In the name of Allah
A new Quran recitation class is opened for registration ( regular recitation class )
Class time : Every Tuesday 8pm KSA ( starting Jan 3 ,2017 )
New teacher : sis Mona Raqab ( teacher with ijazah )
any one ready for lesson please type 777 Mona to add you to our skype work_for_hereafter

Zaynab: Daughter of rasoolAllah (sallallahu aleihi wa salam)

In the name of Allah
A recorded audio lesson about the story of Zainab, one of the prophet's daughters ,recorded by our teacher Bro Hisham, is ready for download to listen and benefit . it is a good story from which we can draw a lot of lessons and reflections.
any sister need it pleases send an email to