Ramadan schedule

In the name of Allah
Dear sister , The blessing of Ramadan is arriving
We are sorry to inform you most of our classes will stop ( Starting June 6-July  10 ) 
except  Quran recitation for sisters , Kids quran for boys/ Girls  and for adult  Brothers
Class basically daily only at 3 timing
KSA 10:00- 11:30am     
KSA  17:00- 18:30pm
KSA 23:59 – 01:30am
Enclosed pls find our class time table
Any sister wish to have the listed class time table of Ramadan
Pls send email to    eman.deen.class@gmail.com   to request  Via email
Or type to   work_for_hereafter  ( Sis Eman ) to request on line
We hope you rush to make up the fasting you should make up before the arrival of Ramadan , and start to cut down your needs of eating and drinking , and start sunnah fasting to prepare yourself for the Ramadan.
We also wish all sisters to make duaa for our teachers , ask for them in your good prayers and duaa , don’t also forget all muslims in your supplications.
We wish you all a very happy Ramadan and remind us and you all to rush to do righteous good deeds in seeking for the hereafter rewards ….
May you all have a blessed fruitful Ramadan, and
may Allah accept from us and from you ,ameen ya RAB
Jazakumu Allahu khairan

NEW Class for children

 In the name of Allah
Note to all Kids students : Dr. soheir will start lesson this Sunday
and we will start a new lesson called : Golden morals
Author: Abdul Malik Mujahid; Safina Naser (translator)
Description from the publisher:

The Seerah of the Prophet is an everlasting topic. The Muslims are never fed up with its fragrance. It has been a topic for writing since centuries and will be so till the Day of judgement. Every author shows his love and affection for the Messenger of Allah (S) in his own style and he tries to highlight every aspect of his (S) life. No doubt thousands of books have been written on the Seerah of the Messenger (S) in different languages from the ancient.
Every aspect of his noble life has been highlighted. The Seerah writers have brought to writing every corner of his life. As regards the character and behaviour of the Messenger of Allah, it is enough to say that Allah Almighty said in the Qur'an: "And verily, you (O Muhammad [S}) are on an exalted standard of character:" (Al-Qalam: 4)

Dear Readers! Character contains a large meaning. It is a collection of all good qualities. If we collect all the good qualities of all the people of the world, we will see that the Messenger of Allah (S) has all those qualities with a high standard.

Remember! Whenever you want to know about the ethical values of a person or a nation, see the way they behave towards their companions, relatives, friends, family members, neighbors and even towards their opponents. Moral code is always considered first. As far as Prophet Muhammad (S)’s qualities are concerned, he was educated by Allah Himself such a way that made him most well-mannered person in the world.
 please try to make time to join with your kids,any one wish to join this classplease type ( 777  golden morals ) to sis eman ( skype ID   work_for_hereafter )  to add your kids to class , barak Allahu feekum