Dua request

In the name of Allah
Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

1) Praise and thanks be to Allah we are blessed to announce some wonderful happy news:
Our Quran teacher : sister Rania delivered a baby boy named Ali 
Our Quran teacher : sister Umm Abdullah delivered a baby boy named Abdullah 
Our Arabic teacher : sister Emmy is pregnant with a baby expecting to deliver in July 2014
May Allah bless their babies and make them benefit to their parents and our ummah ,ameen.
2) Our teacher sister Rana's mother is still very ill and she needs your duaa 

3) One of our students : her husband does not have job for six months till now and she is expecting 4th child soon. She asked for sincere duaa please kindly include her in your duaa. May Allah make life easy for them, ameen.
May Allah bless them with all best and make things easy for them .... ameen

4) One of our sisters is now hospitalized for epileptic attack and she needs a sincere duaa urgently. May Allah heal her soon and  may Allah give more patience with faith to her and her family ,ameen.


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