Dua Request

In the name of Allah
Asalamu alaykum dear sisters

Praise be to Allah ,alhumdulillah ....

we are sorry to inform you , our teacher - sis Noha Gomaa's father passed away
  Please kindly make duaa for her father and her family , may Allah forgive his sins
may Allah give her and her family with better patience with good emaan
We all one day shall return to HIM (Allah ) , remind you and myself ..
about the death always ...for it could be at any time , with any one ,
so pls rush to do good deeds ,and refrain yourself from sins ...
love those for Allah sake , and rush to work for hereafter ...
there is no power or strength except with Allah ... alhumdulillah ... may Allah guide us to be the righteous one ,and keep us on right path till our last breathe... ameen


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