Registration for the new class of Madinah book 1

In the name of Allah 

Assalamu alaykum dear sisters

As we noticed many sisters are interested in starting to take Madina book 1 class  but there are more sisters in Haneen's class than a Skype call is able to hold. Therefore, we are starting a new class with teacher Sarah.

Those sisters who had been following sister Haneen regularly please continue to follow her.
Those sisters had been missing lessons please start taking classes with teacher Sarah instead.
  Please send email to register 

Note : once you register for this class 
you have to be regular as there will be homework each time and exam at end of finishing this book. You will not be allowed to join madina book 2 unless you pass the exam .

New madina book 1 class -with sister Sarah 

will start first lesson on Oct 7,2013 

class time : every Monday at 7:30pm Egypt time 

( Note : sis Haneen and sis sarah class will start same time ,so you are allowed only to register to attend just one class ) 

barak Allahu feekum


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