Arabic Conversation with Teacher Jihad Lesson5

In the name of Allah
Lesson الدّرْسْ الخَامِس 5

هًلْ تَشْرَبِي كُوب مِنَ الشَاي مَعِي؟
**Will you drink a cup of tea with me ?
Hall tashrabi koob“min”-ash-shaaima3i?
نَعم، مِن فَضْلِكْ
*Yes, please.
Na3m, min fadlik.
** Here you are.
شُكْر اً 
هَل تَشْرَبِي الشَاي مَعَنَا؟
** Will you drink tea with us?
 hall tashrabi ash-shaai ma3ana?
لاَشُكْرَاُ، سأذْهَبْ لِتَناوُل الغَدَاء الأن
*** No thanks, will go to have lunch now.
Laa shukran, sa-azhaab litanaawul al-ghda al-aan.

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