Arabic Conversation with Teacher Jihad Lesson4

In the name of Allah
Lesson 4 َالدّرس الرَّابِع

عَفْوًا أَخِي... هَلْ تَعْرِفْ أَيْنَ شَارِع التَّحْرِير؟ -
Excuse me brother, do you know where is Tahreer street?
3afwaan aKHee.. haal taa3rif aynaa shaaree3 At-Tahreer?
نَعم أَعْرِف... إِنَّه هُنا... إِنَّه لَيسَ بَعِيد -
Yes I know... it's here... it's not far away.
Na3am a3rif... ennahu honaa... ennahu laysaa ba3eed.
أُرِيدُ الذِهَاي إلى مَكْتَب البَرِيد -
I wanna go to the post office.
Oreedo az-zihaab elaa mak-taab al-bareed.
 إِنَّه في شَارِع التَّحْرِير... إِذْهَبِي يَمِيناً -
It's in tahreer street.. go to the right.
Enahoo fee sharee3 At-Tahreer.. izhabee yameenan.
حَسَناً... شُكْراً -
Ok, thanks.
Hasaanan... shukran.

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