NEW Riad us Saliheen Class on Sunday- teacher Tahira

In the name of Allah 
Assaalamu alaykum dear sisters

We are sorry to inform you that Hadeeth lesson with brother Reda will be stopped.
He had been too busy at his school teaching, so in sha Allah let us pray that  he will be able to return to give lessons in the near future ... may Allah make it all easy, ameen.

 We are pleased to inform you we will replace a new extra Hadeeth lesson 

Riyad us -Saliheen  with teacher : sister Tahira 

This lesson currently we are giving already on every Wednesday 7pm Egypt time 
now we plan to add one more lesson on 

Every Sunday 8:30pm Egypt Time  / 6:30pm GMT / 9:30pm KSA / 1:30pm EST 

to benefit  the sisters who may have work during the week and are not able to join.

Hopefully this will help you  

If you wish to join any of the two classes of Riyad us - Saliheen 

  Please kindly send an email to register 

and mark clearly which class to add you ( Wednesday or Sunday )

  Please make sure you download the book 

Barak Allahu feekum 


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