NEW Class: Gateway to Arabic 1- teacher Abeer- OPEN for Registration

In the name of Allah
Assalamu alaykum dear sisters

We are planning to start a new Arabic lesson: Gateway Arabic book 1 ( this is a set of 6 books)

Anyone who does not know Arabic and wishes to learn it for free,
who might be working during the week, only free on weekends should not miss this chance!

The teacher : sister Abeer ( who speaks English fluently )

The class timing:
 either Saturday or Sunday
4:30am Egypt time / 5:30am KSA / 2:30am GMT /
7:30am Pakistan time / 8:00am India Sri lanka time
/ 10:30am Pacific china time / 11:30am Japan time /
13:30pm Australia time
( Friday or Saturday night of US and Canada )
9:30pm EST ( US East time )

If you wish to join you have to send an email with the following details:

1- Your Skype ID

2- Which day and timing you prefer ( one of the two above mentioned ones)

3- You must download the book before the first class
( It may take time to download, please be patient )

4- You must promise to keep yourself regular to class. If you miss 3 classes without informing us with a valid reason you will be removed from the classroom.

If you are serious about the lesson just give us your time and make effort then we guarantee you will improve in sha Allah .....

beg Allah to make it all easy and possible ...


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