Islamic Manners Class 17 taught by Umm Yusif

Class #17

The Manners of Interacting With One’s Muslim Sister (cont.) (Twentieth chapter in the The Book of Manners by Fu’ad Ibn ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Ash-Shulhoob – publisher: Darussalam) 

1.    Loving Someone for the Sake of Allah  
2.  Important Elements of Friendship  
3.  Be Sincere and Give Sincere Advice  
4.  Muslims Helping Each Other  

5. Etiquettes Towards Your Muslim Sister
    a. Being Humble and Not Haughty      
b. Good Manners  
6. Having a Heart Free From Bad Feelings Towards Others
7. Having Goods Thought about Your Sister and Not Spying on Her
8. Be Forgiving and Control Your Anger


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