International Speaker Program

In the name of Allah

Our guest speaker for the month of July 2018 Sheikh Wael Ibrahim!
Sheikh Wael Ibrahim was born and raised in Alexandria City/Egypt. He is a certified Master Life Coach, facilitator and trainer on self development, public speaking and leadership. He is also a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker.

 Sheikh Wael Ibrahim is the founder of two institutions, namely Serving Islam Team –
Hong Kong – and Connect Institute. In the past couple of years he has conducted numerous workshops, seminars, keynote speeches, and one-on-one coaching sessions.
 He is a holder of BA in Islamic studies and comparative religion and now the author of a series of books to come titled Change and Beat it! Currently, Sheikh Wael Ibrahim is the student counselor at the Australian Islamic College - Perth/Australia.

More information about Sheik Wael Ibrahim

Our guest speaker for the month of April 2018 was Ustadah Hafsa Dean!
 Ustadah Hafsa is a da’ia who reverted to Islam at the age of 17,
4th generation Canadian from Aboriginal decent.  

Since reverting Ustadah Hafsa Thompson has been on the path of knowledge,
 giving grassroots dawah throughout her community, street dawah, speaking at many institutes, studying under many mashaikhs and  has obtained her BA with Honours in Shariah
 becoming one of the leading knowledgeable female speakers in North America.  
More information About Ustadah Hafsa Dean

 Our first guest speaker at the month of March 2018 was Ustadah Zohra Sarwari!
 An author of 15 books, international speaker, entrepreneur,
 publisher and a home-school mother to four children.
More information About Ustadah Zohra


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