40 Hadith AnNawawi with Sister Umm Yousif (recordings)

In the name of Allah

Recordings of the 40 Hadith AnNawawi Class with teacher sister Umm Yousif
To listen please click on:
Hadith 1 Hadith 1 (part2) Hadith 2 Hadith 3 Hadith3 (part2) - Hadith 4 
Hadith 4 (part2) Hadith 4 (part3) - Hadith 5 Hadith 5 (part2) -Hadith 6 
Hadith 6 (part2) Hadith 7 Hadith 7 (part2) Hadith 8 Hadith 9 
Hadith 10 Hadith 10 (part2) - Hadith 11
Hadith 11 (part2) - Hadith 12 Hadith 12 (part2) - Hadith 13
Hadith 13 (part2) Hadith 14 Hadith 15 Hadith 15 (part2) 
Hadith 16 Hadith 17 Hadith 18 Hadith 18 (part2) - Hadith 19
Hadith 19 (part2)
(will be continued in sha Allah)

Class Name: The Explanation of the 40 Hadiths by  imam An-Nawawi
Teacher: Sister Umm Yousif
Time: Every Thursday 7:0pm KSA    
any one wish to join the class please inform the coordinators via skype or by e-mail.

 Everyone who desires and looks forward to the Hereafter must be familiar with these hadith because they cover the most important aspects of the religion and they offer direction to all forms of obedience to Allah. This is clear to anyone who ponders these hadith.”
- Al-Nawawi’s introduction to his Forty Hadeeth.

The Explanation Of The Forty Nawawi Hadith by the imam Nawawi may Allah has mercy upon him is a famous text including forty two hadith of omitted chain of reporters in different fields of knowledge. Every hadith is considered a great base of the bases of religion so each desirous of the hereafter should know them as they include important matters and draw attention to all worships. It is a profound and comprehensive collection, summarizing the teachings of Islam and the character of the Prophet.

For the class download the book here.


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