A Reminder about Akhira

In the name of Allah 
assalamu alaykum my dear sisters

One of our class  sister from USA  just informed me that she had been absent from class 
because her husband had been sick and just passed away. She ask all sisters for sincere duaa 

It is my duty to remind all sisters about the akhirah .... 
We must cherish those around us ( muslims or non muslims family and beloved ones )
rush to help those who are not muslims yet to Islam , make duaa for Allah to guide them 
we must also rush to do righteous deeds ,do taubah to repent our sins 

May Allah forgive the sins of deceased ,may Allah give the good patience and faith to the famly of our sister , may Allah continue to guide us all on right path, bless us a good death ,and have mercy on all of us in the hereafter ameen 

to HIM , we all shall return .... alhumdulillahi rabil aaalaaameeen 


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