A book our teacher Omar is sharing with us

In the name of Allah 
Assalaaamu alaykum dear sister 

Our teacher brother Omar wrote a book and he likes to share with all sisters.
He may also give lesson in near future to explain the book.
All sisters please try to download to read first to benefit 

The book name :
The Concentrated Answers for the Most Popular Misconceptions about Islam
you may download the book from this link 

May Allah reward our teacher for his good work and make it benefit to all sisters, ameen
barak Allahu feekum 

About the teacher:
Omar Al-Khalidy
      An Iraqi brother, who has MSc. in Architecture, and The Professional Certificate of Project Management (AUC), studying diploma in The Higher Institute for Islamic Studies, and student in the Institute for Preparing Advocates, studied different Islamic sciences with different well known scholars and obtained (Ijaza)s in different Islamic sinces. Has Ijaza in Assem narration (Hafs and Shu'bah), currently studying Warsh narration. He is now teaching Fiqh and kids quran online.
Listen more of his lectures http://youtu.be/2w3HpbrKKmc  
Read more of his lecture http://filaty.com/Z4h


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