Some News to Share with you all

In the name of Allah 
assaalamu alaykum dear sisters 
praise and thanks be to Allah 

Like to share with you all good news 

1)  our sister khadijah delivered twin baby girls last sunday ,alhumdulillah  ( Allahu Akbar ) 

she sent salam to all teachers and sisters 
pls dont forget to make duaa for her and her family ....

2) sister who suffered epileptic attack had left hospital and return home with better health now ,alhumdulillah .... 
barak Allahu feekum for your kind duaa ...

3) need your sincere duaa

a)  for our teacher ( sis Abeer's ) son :he had high fever , and is ill ... 
pls kindly make duaa for her 

b)  for our teacher ( brother Mohammad's ) son : he had been ill 
pls kindly make duaa for him

c)  one of our teachers  also is suffering illness, pls kindly make duaa for her 

d) sis Wafaa voice is again turning bad, pls kindly make duaa for her 

4)  Dr.soheir had traveled to overseas to visit her family,

all her lessons  --- Names of Allah / aqeedah / 50 vereses of quran / quran tafsir 
Kids islamic class / kids alnouraniyah on Sunday

will be all stopped for few weeks till she is able to give lessons again 
we will inform you for any further update 

5) New classes had been added  ( some classes changed timing ) : 

Quran recitation with sis Umm 3marah : changed to every Friday 7:30pm Egypt time 

Qayedah alNouraniyah on Friday : changed to be with a new teacher --sis Omraead 

Qayedah alnouraniyah on Friday with sis amirah : changed to be with sis Umm ahmad and class timing had changed to be on every thursday same time with another alnouraniyah class at 7:00pm Egypt time 

Seerah ( prophet Life  ) with sis Yumna class : changed to start earlier at 7pm Egypt time 

Quran recitation on friday with sis marwa : changed to start earlier at 10pm Egypt time 

Quran recitation on Saturday with sis umm amarah is replaced with sister Nagwa 
class time is at 9;30pm Egypt time , same timing with another class with another teacher --sis Umm abdullah , pls make time to join 

Islamic manners book had done teaching ,we are switching to start a new book - Ideal muslimah with sis Umm youseif  ( will be speaking about some marriage, life issues with life experienced during class), pls continue to join and benefit 

How to raise your level in jannah with sis Afaf 
all her class lectures are recorded , as they are big files ,if any sisters wish to receive the files ,pls request me on skype when you are fee to download ,barak Allahu feekum 

** all above changes had been updated with Feb 6 class time table 
if you did not receive any ,pls send email to request ,barak Allahu feekum


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