Open Registration of Quran Recitation + News to share

In the name of Allah 
Assalamu alaykum dear sisters
A new Quran recitation class with a new teacher will be opened this coming Wednesday ( Feb 19 ) please kindly send an email to register and  join us 

Class : Quran recitation 
teacher : sis Sahar Hashem  
( qualified quran teacher with ijazah ) 

class time : Every Wednesday  11pm Egypt time 
9pm UK /GMT  / 4pm EST /

we have some news to share with you : 

a)  Teachers : Sister islam / sis manal / sis Haneen  ---all had done Umrah and returned , alhumdulillah, class is back to normal in sha Allah 

b)  Quran Teacher sis Um 3marah got married today ,alhumdulillah please kindly make duaa for her 

c )  Teacher sis islam's father passed away ... subhan Allah please make duaa for him ,ask Allah to forgive his sins and raise him to highest jannah 

d)   New Qayedah teacher -- sis Omraead ---  joined our teaching team , her class is on every Friday 8:30pm Egypt time 

e)   Fiqh teacher : brother mohammad will stop lesson for a while till he is able to free himself again ... please kindly make duaa for him and his family ( specially his son who is ill ) , currently we are arranging a new teacher to replace him

f)  one of our quran teacher is asking for your kind duaa 

g)   How to raise your level in jannah recording files are available upon request to download through skype messenger  : 
Feb 16  / Feb 9 / Feb 2 / Jan 26 /Jan 19 
anyone who needs the recording, meet me on skype and prepare to leave your pc free for a few hours to download.

h)   Dr. soheir traveled abroad to visit her family , all her lessons :  names of Allah / Aqeedah / 50 verses of quran in life and self / quran tafsir / kids islamic classes ( aqeedah + alnouraniyah)  will be canceled till her return ,once we have confirm date to start lesson , will inform u all immediately , barak Allahu feekum for your good patience.


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