To those who are married and those who are unmarried alike

In the name of Allah 
 Assalamu alaykum my beloved sisters

Today I read a very touching story about a married couple in China. After I read the story I felt very touched and decided to share you ... 
 Specially to those who are married and having marriage troubles and those who are not married. And for those still in hope to find true love in life ....  
Perhaps this story may inspire you in any, then it will be Allah's blessing, alhumdulillah.
This is a story of a married couple, 72 years old Mr. Shei and 65 Mrs. Wang from China
They had married for 47 years and have 3 children.

So what is so special about this story I want to share with you?
I want you to imagine that you are Mrs Wang, the wife and the mother
married to a blind man you never knew what he looked like and will never know what is his look-like till death...
Married to him 47 years, cooking, cleaning, taking care of him and taking care of 3 children they have never celebrated anniversary, birthday or have a wedding picture or any photo of the two together....because both of them are blind

Then return to ask yourself ...
What this journey of marriage will be for you?
What life difficulties you may have encountered being a wife and a mum?
whats the secret to their marriage to be able to continue for 47 years till now?
What kept them to be with each other for the past 47 years of marriage.
Why are you always complaining about your life and marriage?
If you are not married yet, what kind of marriage you wish to have ?

and say alhumdulillah .... How blessed you are .... that perhaps you will learn know how to cherish what you have in life more ...

Quote from the author who wrote at end of the story :
"I can not see the beauty of the world, I can not even see the road under my feet
but this life because I have you, holding my hand, I was never afraid...  
Because of your Love, I see and I know the world is just right there in front of me .... "

( It is written in Chinese and I try to translate its meaning to share with you )
May Allah make this sharing beneficial to whomever may need to see and hear ..... ameen


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