Notes of the previous lessons of Islamic Manners taught by sister Umm Yusif


Class #1


1.    Background on myself

2.    Brief talk about the book used

3.    Brief talk on what we will be studying

4.    Virtues of Islamic Manners

Ettiquettes of Seeking Knowledge (some notes from KIU (Knowledge International University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

1.    Intention

2.    Taqwa

3.    Love for Allah and His Messenger

4.    Humbleness vs. Arrogance

5.    Friendship

6.    Gentleness

7.    Practice what you learn

8.    Respect for teachers

9.    Always being aware that Allaah is watching 

10. Not speaking without knowledge


Class #2

Ettiquettes Related to the Quran (first chapter in the The Book of Manners by Fu’ad Ibn ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Ash-Shulhoob – publisher: Darussalam) 

1.    Act of worship 

A.   Some Virtues of Reading the Quran 

B.    Etiquettes before reading


2. Sincerity and according to the Sunnah

3. Wudu required for holding the Quran

4. Reciting when one has her menses

2.    Important points while reading/reciting

A.   Reflect on what you read (book of guidance) and implement into your life

B.   Refrain from reading Quran when sleepy

C.   Rulings pertaining to the verses of prostration


3.    Disliked actions

A.   Kissing the Quran and placing it between the eyes 

B.   Disliked to hang verses of the Quran on the wall

Class #3

Ettiquettes of Greetings Between Muslims (second chapter in the The Book of Manners by Fu’ad Ibn ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Ash-Shulhoob – publisher: Darussalam) 

Manners of Greeting

1.     It is sunnah to initiate the greeting and wajib (obligatory) to return the greeting

2.     The Manner of Giving Greetings    

3.     Greeting the People of the Book    

4.     Greeting with a gesture instead of uttering the salam    

a.     While praying   

5.     Greeting when entering

a.     Your house   

b.     The masjid    

6.     No greeting during the Friday khutbah (sermon)  

Times When It Is Disliked to Greet

1.     When someone is relieving themselves 


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