Arabic Grammar ( Sarf ) by teacher Mariem, 19th April, 2013

Assalamu alaykom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu dear sisters,

1- 19th April, 2013 was our 5th lesson

2 - We studied pages 20 to 22
We studied the conjugations of Madhee and Mudhari' .

First, please review what we studied last time.
Then, please do your homework on the homework sent through email.

I would like you to send me your homeworks (session 5 homework) within 4 days (Thursday max) so that I can have enough time to correct them, in sha Allah, and jazakAllahu khayran.

If anyone has a question she can e-mail it to me anytime, or just wait till we meet in the next session in sha Allah to ask it. 
PS: if you feel that you still find conjugation a bit tough, please never give up, we will work on it more in sha Allah, you are not supposed to make this homework 100 per cent correct (I wish you do anyway, and you can in sha Allah :) ) but we will practice more in the next class in sha Allah.
4 - Next lesson ( 26th April , Every Friday 9pm Egypt time / 3pm EST / 7pm GMT)
in sha Allah we will work more on Madhee and Mudhari' conjugations due to their importance in the science of Sarf; pp: 22-24
We'll quick review from page 20 - 22 before giving any new page , correct the homework and plan to stop on page 24 in sha Allah.

May Allah increase us in knowledge that is of benefit, ameen.


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