NEW Brothers' and children's Quran Class

بِسۡمِ اللهِ الرَّحۡمٰنِ الرَّحِيۡم  

** New quran recitation class for Kids boys + adult brothers ** all 

Teacher : brother Mohammad salah

Currently brother Mohammad is already giving lesson on Saturday 4pm KSA time 

He is now opening a new class on Sunday at 8pm KSA time , to benefit students , this will be an either class , so students shall choose just one of the class to join 

Class A: old class already on Saturday 4pm KSA time ( EST 9am/ Bangladesh 7pm / UK 2pm ) ,preferrable for students in Asia  

Please add work_for_hereafter to Skype contacts

 and type * class MA * with students name /age to add you 

* If you are already the student in this class, pls do not click link to request any *

Class B (New class, starting June 12 ,2022 )  : every Sunday 8pm KSA ( EST 1pm/ UK 6pm)

* Note * If you are living in Asia, this ( class B)  is not a good timing for you , pls join class A, click above link to request class MA

If you are living in Europe/ USA/ Canada area, pls leave class A and click this link to join this Sunday class by  clicking above link and type ** class MB **with your kids/ name age to add you 

* Note you can only choose Sat or Sunday one class to attend, if you are in both class, pls choose one to attend only, or you will be removed by admin without further notice ,barak Allahu feekum *May Allah reward ur teacher and class admin hard work, ameen ya RAB


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