"The Lost Treasure" Class will continue

In the name of Allah
It is our pleasure to inform you,
 a good lesson: "The Lost treasure" 
with Teacher: sis Rana
 will continue again.
Class time: every Wednesday at 10pm KSA 
( Starting March 6, 2019 ) 
Any one wish to attend this recitation class 
please inform the coordinators via skype or by e-mail.
Jazakumu Allahu khairan

The book name: The Lost Treasure (Arabic Edition) - will be given in English by Mustafa Hosni (Author)
The book deals with a number of sacred Hadiths (Qudsi Hadiths) which Allah, Exalted be He, revealed upon Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, explaining His Divine Self and divine attributes. The book seeks to draw us a bit closer to Allah the Almighty, the One and only Lord of the Worlds and Creator, to know more of Him and His divine attributes as seen and felt everywhere. The hidden treasure as explained by the book is seeing Allah through our heart sight- seeing Him in everything and every creation. It is the secret paradise, which only the pious servants of Allah enjoy, in this worldly life. Hence you see them satisfied and content in trials and fortunes alike yet working hard to earn their living. 
We hope it may benefit you, in sha Allah.

Jazakumu Allahu khairan


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