Ramadan 2018 Class Time Table

In the name of Allah
Note to all sisters,
all our classes will be stopped during Ramadan except some Quran recitation,
the schedule of Ramadan is posted bellow,
sisters may take a look to arrange your own Ramadan plan
 if able to continue to join our classes during Ramadan.
Here is also  a link to download the schedule.
                             Whomever wish to join class and to be added to class,
please list what you wish to attend and contact our admin to add you in sha Allah
 or you may also follow our announcements daily to be added to class,
jazakumu Allahu khairan
with special thanks to sis Lindita for the good work of the Ramadan time table,
 and to those teachers
 who did not want to give up the reward of Ramadan for continuing helping our sisters,
please do not forget them in your good duaa,
jazakumu Allahu khairan 


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