New Quran Advance Class

In the name of Allah
A new Quran advance class is opened for registration
Imitation of Sheikh Mahmoud el Hosary 
(starting reading Surat AlBaqarah )
Teacher: sis Umm habeebah
Class time: Every Tuesday 9:30pm KSA
All students must take entrance exam, only 15 students will be selected and accepted by the teacher to attend this class after exam.
All students who register for this entrance exam must be advance level student who already have good knowledge of tajuweed rules and not a beginner level student.

Entrance exam:  at 9:30pm KSA on Dec 19, 2017 
 1st Class starts on Dec 26 ,2017 9:30pm in sha Allah  
any one wish to join the entrance exam please
 inform the coordinators via skype or by e-mail.



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