NEW CLASS: Madinah book 1

In the name of Allah
Its our pleasure to announce that there will be a new class for Madina book 1 
Class time :  Every Wednesday 9pm Makkah time ( 2pm EST / 7pm UK)   --- starting  April 6 ,2016Anyone who wishes to join please type 678 alaa to sis eman ( work_for_hereafter ) add you to class

 In the name of Allah
Sincere duaa needed
A very beloved old teacher of ours whom I knew her more than ten years since we started on line classes ,sis Emmy  from Egypt  is suffering from an incurable disease ---MS  --- which may lead to blindness, stroke, Paralyzed quadriplegia  ETC … we ask for you sincere kind duaa for Allah’s mercy in all your prayers, please beg Allah to have mercy on her and give her and her family more patience
And Remember to thank Allah , how healthy we are today , beg HIM also to keep us healthy and rush to do good deeds for hereafter reward.
 jazakumu Allahu khairan


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