Ijaazah class of Quran reading

In the name of Allah
 Quran reading  Ijazah class ( with sister Sabrah )
With Allah’s mercy , we are pleased to inform you , we will open New quran reading class offering Quran reading  Ijazah  with sister Sabrah 
Class time : Every SUNDAY at 13:00pm  KSA time   ( Starting Mar 20 ,2016 ) 
Duration class :1.5 hours
Note : Only advanced level sisters who already have good knowledge of tajuweed rules , good in recitation , and  have intention to teach in future to be able to join this class ,
all students will be tested at first class to see if qualify to continue to next.
Any sister who is sincere and be able to stay regular to this ijazah class , please  type
( 777  ijazah )  to   sis eman ( skype ID      work_for_hereafter ) ,
Also sister Sabrah will offer a regular quran recitation class for all level sisters
Quran recitation class : Every Friday 13:00pm KSA time ( staring Mar 18,2016)
Any sister wish to join this quran recitation  class please type ( 555 sabrah )
to   sis eman ( skype ID      work_for_hereafter )  
 may Allah make it a benefit to our ummah ,amen ya RAB


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