Changes in our class timings

In the name of Allah 

assalaamu alaykum dear sisters 

Here are some announcement for classes changed :

1)  ​Quran recitation with sis Hanan on every Thursday 

class time changed to be :  10:30am Makkah time - 12:00pm Makkah time 
( duration 1.5 hours ) 

​2)  Quran recitation -- with sis Amani  
class  time changed to be : Every Sunday  8:00pm Makkah time 

3) Radiance for Faith --- with sis Um Yusuf every Monday
class  time changed to be : 7:00pm Makkah time 

4)  Kids quran class for girls -- with sis Om Anas on Sunday
class  time changed to be :   6:00pm Makkah time 

5)  Makhaarij & sifaat --- with sis Tahany on Wed
this class will stop till teacher is able to return and continue 
you are welcome to join same class on Saturday with another Teacher : sis Hanan  at 9:30pm Makkah time 

6)  Marriage, Motherhood &Me -- with sis Kathryn on Wed 
as teacher will be travelling in the coming two weeks ,there are no lesson on Oct 14 & 21 of  2015 
teacher will return to give lesson starting Oct 28,2015, pls kindly join class on time 

7) pls note : by end of Oct 25 ,2015 ( Sun ) 
Most countries that follow Day Light saving , time will change 
we will send the update class time table via email later after New time change
 Note : Our classes follow only Makkah Saudi Arabia -KSA time ( which never change ) 

any sister wish to check update class time table of Makkah time 
pls follow our blog schedule ,and calculate the difference with your location /time zone 

​shall you have any inquiry , do not hesitate to let us know ​


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