Happy News

In the name of Allah 

assaalaaamu alaykum dear sister 

Praise and thanks be to Allah ,we had passed another a peaceful happy Ramadan 
​we ask Allah to accept all your good deeds ,ameen 

we have few happy news to announce 

1)  our teacher sis Rana delivered a baby girl , she sent salaam to all sisters 
and hopefully after she settle , she will try to get back to class soon 

2)  our teacher sis afaf already moved to new house and back to class 
but she is only giving lesson on Monday for quran recitation 
she will add soon later more lesson to continue when she has better stable net 
please make time to join class 

3) our sister fatima from the UK delivered a cute baby girl during ramadan 
she sent her salam to all teachers and sisters 

4) sis soheir is sending every one her salaam, she plan to start lesson after end of August in sha Allah ,please ask Allah to make it all easy for us ,ameen

most of our classes had returned to normal as before Ramadan 
plsease kindly make time to keep yourself regular to class 
may Allah bless and reward all our teachers ​,ameen 

barak Allahu feekum


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