Seerah- Life of the Prophet- lesson 21- teacher Yumna- 2nd May, 2014

In the name of Allah
Main Points:
1-The foundation of the new society

The Islamic nation or Ummah is not a group of people whose aim is to live in any manner and head in any direction so long as they have enough food and amusement. Muslims ,on the contrary possess an ideology which defines their relationship with Allah clarifies their vision of life,organizes their affair internally according to specific patterns and leads their external connections towards definite goals. There is a great difference between a person who says to you :"My only concern in this world is to live my life, and another who says "If I do not protect my honour, safeguard my rights, please Allah and defend His cause, then may my legs not carry me and my eyes not guide me."
But both Muhajirin and Ansar had the desire to be guided by Revelation, gain the pleasure of Allah and realize the ultimate goal, for which humans were created and life was established.
From this point of view the Messenger of Allah immediately after settling down in Madinah, turned his attention to the laying of those foundations which were necessary for the fulfillment of his mission. The basic priorities were as follows:
(1)The relationship of the Ummah with Allah
(2)The relationship of the members of the Ummah with one and another,and
(3)The relationship of the Ummah with non-Muslims.
The Brotherhood
It was brotherhood in which the word "I" was nonexistent, and individuals moved with the spirit, interests and hopes of the groups, unable to see themselves as separate entities detached from it. This brotherhood meant that the racial prejudice of Jahilya should dissolve, that only for Islam one should show enthusiasm. The prophet (pbuh) made this brotherhood into a contact to be executed, not a mere word and deed linked to blood and wealth, not mere greeting muttered by the tongue and having no effect.
The feeling of beneficence and love were an integral part of this brotherhood and they filled the new society with the most wonderful examples. Al- Bukhari narrated :"When they arrived at Madinah the Messenger of Allah (pbuh)united Abdul Rahman Ibn Auf and Sa'ad Ibn Al Rabi in brotherhood."
Sa'ad said to abdul Rahman : I am the most wealthy of Ansar and I shall spilt my wealth into two halves for you.I have two wives so see which of them is more pleasing to you: name her and I shall divorce her, and when her period is over you can marry her."
Abdul Rahman said :" May Allah bless you as regards your family and wealth.Where is your market place ? "So they returned only to show that he had acquired some cheese and butter! Then he went out the next day , and one day he came back wearing various adornment.
Then the prophet(pbuh) asked:"what is this?"
He replied:"I got married"
The prophet asked:' How much did you give her?"
He replied:" A nugget of gold"
One's amazement at Sa'ad generosity cannot be equaled except by one's amazement at Abdul-Rahman 's nobility. He competed with the jews in their own market and within few days he was able to earn enough to safeguard his chastity and to get married. Lofty determination is a characteristics of faith.


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