Request of Dua + New Classes

In the name of Allah 
Assalamu alaaykum dear sister 

alhumdulillah praise and thanks be to Allah 
we have some news to announce : 

1)  our teacher : sister Tahira had just got married ( alhumdulillah ... ma sha Allah ,tabarak Allah ar Rahman ar Raheem ) , please kindly make duaa for her ,may Allah bless her righteous good family with all happiness in this dunia and akhirah ,the coming sunday class will be on time ,alhumdulillah 

2) New classes open for registration ,if you wish to join the class ,please send email + your SKYPE ID to add you to class :
a)  KIDS QURAN FOR BOYS with a new male teacher : brother Omar ( who has ijazah )
on Every Saturday 5:00pm Egypt time ( 10am EST /3pm UK /6pm KSA) ,Starting Mar 8 ,2014
If you wish to switch from the old class to this new class , please send  email to request 
Note : this kids quran class on Saturday for boys, you can only choose one teacher to attend ( since same time ) 

b) Quran recitation class on Every Saturday night US /Canada time  9:30pm EST , Every Sunday morning 4:30am Egypt time with new teacher sister Fatemah al Zahraa 
Starting Mar 9,2014 ( Sunday Egypt time ) , USA Mar 8 ,2014 ( Saturday Night ) 
if you wish to switch from old class ,please also send email to request 

3) Note : Mar 9 2014 Sunday morning : all USA cities /Canada Day light saving starts 
New class time table according to your new timing will be sent on Mar 9 2014 ,in sha Allah 
Europe, Asia , Middle East most cities Day Light saving starting Mar 30 ,2014 in sha Allah 

4) sister Fatima from Korea passed away : please kindly make duaa for her and her family ,may Allah forgive her sins ,and raise her to higher jannah ,ameen 

Jazakumu Allahu khairan


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