Ijaazah certificate class of Qayedah al Nooraniyyah

In the name of Allah
Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu

We are pleased to inform you that there will be a new Qayedah alnouraniyah class starting on 9th September,2013.
  Join it using the following link:

If you feel motivated and advanced enough kindly sign in to study and gain ijazah 
( Note that this class is not organized by us ) 

please contact the Moderator of this class ---- Her Skype ID ---- sho3a3.elma3rifa

her name : Asmahan

when you add her skype ID, on your skype adding request , please copy this message to her : 

 انا من طرف الأخت وفاء و أرجو المساعدة فى ملْ الاستمارة   

( means :   we are referred by sis wafaa , please help us in registration ) 

 أنا لا اتحدث العربية

(  means  I don't speak Arabic ) 

so that the moderator will know how to help you further to register the class and help you further to join the class to work to gain ijazah 

shall you have any further difficulty , our quran teacher sister Wafaa is ready to help you further 

sister Wafaa skype ID - -       wafaa_mohd

( please only contact sis wafaa when the moderator can not help you ) 

We hope this is easier and clearer to help you to join class 

again we like to emphasize , we do not run this class ,so anything you need , try to contact the moderator directly for further help , futhermore, we are not hold any responsibility related to this class that does not run with our management, we only offer you this chance to learn for the sake of Allah and we ask HIM to make it all easy and beneficial to you,ameen ... 

If you completed the course and gained ijazah, please kindly inform us so that we could arrange you a lesson to help our sisters 

Please kindly make intention for Allah and beg Allah to make it all easy for you, ameen


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