A Humble Reminder for Each of Us

In the name of Allah 
Assalaamu alaykum my beloved sisters 

Praise and thanks be to Allah , we praise HIM and than HIM always for HIS mercy and blessing toward us- alhumdulillah we are about to reach another Ramadan.

We would like to give special thanks to all of our teachers. Everyone of you had done a great help and wonderful job to help our students. We only ask Allah sincerely to accept and reward you all with highest jannah, ameen.

We would also like to thank all of our lovely students, who are always working hard to seek knowledge and seek to improve themselves. We hope that you always remember to apply what you have learnt and be sincere to all people you meet and sincere at all things you do because we are members of those who struggle to work for hereafter. So please continue to ask Allah to guide us and support us to reach success.

As you all know Ramadan is just about a week away .... 
It is time for us to prepare for its arrival, so here are my humble suggestions:

1)  Rush to make up any days you missed to fast last Ramadan 

2) Do Tawbah ( repentance ) to Allah, ask for HIS forgiveness and guidance. Do it to clean your mind and heart, repent from all of your sins, regret from what you had done wrong and promise to never return again.

3) Quit sinning and bad habits: 
such as smoking, or missing morning prayers 
ensure you are not backbiting, slandering ,watching too much TV or  talking about useless things, spending time online chatting or spend much time on facebook or phone chatting etc... 

3) Get a Ramadan schedule
you may go to this link :

:: Prayer Finder (Prayer Times & Islamic Organizations)

Look for your prayer time 
Example : find other countries   your location: United Kingdom 
it will show prayer time over all the UK
you choose a city: for example London
you click on city    London 
it will show only London prayer time like this 
and you will also find  
click on it , thats the Ramadan prayers time , you can print out to make plan of your Ramadan schedule 

All sisters could follow the same method to find the Ramadan time table in your city.
This will help you to observe the Ramadan and help to plan your daily life schedule better

4)  Make a Ramadan schedule ( worship time table ) and plan
       to gain rewards and catch the night of Qadr 
      including all of your prayers time, Taraweh prayers, Qiyam prayers 
      time of reading Quran, attend classes online etc... 

5)  Make a study plan for Ramadan 
     specially of Tafsir / Hadeeth /or other related Islamic studies 

6)  Study / review all your knowledge about Fasting in Ramadan

7)Start cutting your food and drinks to help your body get used to receive Ramadan fasting

8) Increase your worshiping deeds :

 such as start praying Qiyam prayer ( night prayers ) ,making duaa and dhikr more 

9)  start to work out to raise your emaan and spirit

10) make a list of Iftar plan and Eid gifts : 
whom you will invite from family ,friends or poor people to invite them for iftar dinner
prepare earlier, so you will not forget to invite anyone you don't want to miss 
Make a Eid gift list and people you wish to give to from now , so it wont take your time in Ramadan ,and you have better mind and time to plan and shop your gifts from now.

11) Teach your kids to make a study / worship plan for Ramadan 

teach them to make poster, or decoration of the Ramadan at home 
make a study plan or worship plan to train them how to receive and spend Ramadan better 
or even help them to plan a Ramadan iftar party with their friends ( that is specially for kids and encourage kids to love Ramadan instead of loving birthday party or the like )

12) Zakaat , Charity :

Give charity and Zakaat as much as you are required and as much as you can.... 

13) Community service and mosque activities :

check the mosque if need any help to cook Iftar, attend mosque activities to help as you can
attend Ramadan iftar in mosque or help mosque to send food to poor or cook for the homeless etc.. attend the lessons and activities your local mosque offers.

14) Stay patient and thankful to Allah, ask always for HIS mercy and guidance. Be kind to each other ( whether human or animals )

P.S. All our classes will be stopped during Ramadan except Quran recitation/ memorization
A new schedule will be forward to all before the arrival of Ramadan. Please make time to attend.

** During Ramadan we will have a daily Quran English translation reading class
every one will take part to read in turn.  Daily we are reading 20 pages and every year we finish whole Quran English translation reading during Ramadan. So we invite you to participate to help you to understand Quran meaning better and to work to gain rewards.

We hope that the above reminder will help you to spend a better and fruitful Ramadan.
Please do not forget to make duaa for all of our teachers and their families!

barak Allahu feekum 


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