Al-Qaa'idatun-Nooraniyyah Al-Fathiyyah

In the name of Allah
Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

 We would like you present you a wonderful book which is taught in our classroom and additional material related to it.

Al-Qaa'idatun-Nooraniyyah Al-Fathiyyah
 Written by Sheikh Nur Muhammad Haqaani

 Al-Qaa`idatun-Nooraniyyah Al-Fathiyyah is a small booklet comprised of drills and exercises aimed to teach the student how to read and pronounce the Arabic letters. Each lesson builds on the one before it beginning with the individual Arabic letters, moving on to word construction and finally joining words together.
This method is suitable for non-Arabic speakers and it used in many Islamic countries like  India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa, the UK and Egypt.

 Download the Book:
الدرس الاول  lesson 1
الدرس الثانى  lesson 2
الرس الثالث  lesson 3
    الدرس الرابع  lesson 4
   الدرس الخامس  lesson 5
  الدرس السادس  lesson 6
الدرس السابع lesson 7
الدرس الثامن  lesson 8
الدرس التاسع  lesson 9
باقى الدرس التاسع  lesson 10
الدرس العاشر  lesson 11
الدرس الحادى عشر lesson 12
الدرس الحادى العشر  lesson 12b
الدرس الثانى عشر lesson 13
الدرس الثالث عشر lesson 14
الدرس الرابع عشر  lesson 15
الدرس الخامس عشر lesson 15
الدرس السادس عشر  lesson 17
الدرس السابع عشر والاخير  lesson 18

Audio Lessons:
An Important Note: It is not possible to learn how to read Quran by oneself, so you must have a qualified teacher who corrects your spelling. Therefore, we invite you to our classes:
Thursday 7:00pm Egypt time - teacher Asiya
Sunday 7:00pm Egypt time- teacher Yasmin


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