Eid Holiday

In the name of Allah
Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh dear sisters,
Eid is approaching ,we are here to inform you our classes will be closed from October 26 ( Friday ) till October 31 ( Wednesday )
Class will return to regular schedule starting November 1 ( Thursday ) , 2012, in sha Allah
There are some traditional or common Arabic greetings that one may use or come across during Eid : 
The sunnah is to say "Taqabbala Allahu minna wa minkum."
("May Allah accept from us, and from you.")
The other common greetings on Eid days :
"Kul 'am wa enta bi-khair!"
("May every year find you in good health!")
"Eid Mubarak!"
("Blessed Eid!")
"Eid Saeed!"
("Happy Eid!")
Our beloved teachers , jazakum Allahu khairan for your hard work , we thank you for being so patient and work to help the sisters for Allah sake
We ask Allah to accept all your good work , and we also ask HIM to reward you with highest Jannah
we ask HIM to continue to support us, and make things easy for all of us ,ameen
Our beloved sisters , jazakum Allahu khairan for your time and patience , please do not forget our teachers and all Muslims in your duaa
we ask Allah to accept all our work, and help us to with better patience, faith and knowledge , we ask Allah mercy us and continue to guide us on right path
we ask Allah to make our learning easy and succeed in this dunia and akhirah ,ameen
Taqabbal Allaahu minna wa minkum
(May Allaah accept (this worship) from us and from you).
May Allah bless you and your family, Happy Eid !


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